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Introduction of Jeon JungKook


Jeon JungKook

Jungkook is a famous star from South Korea. Currently, he is recognized worldwide by the name JK. Jungkook’s official name is Jeon Jung Kook. He is originally from Busan in South Korea. Jung Kook is educated and has a degree in Arts. He is still a part of Global Cyber University, gaining his further education.

Jeon Jung Kook is very famous as a singer and songwriter. He is pretty young and is just 25 years old. He belongs to the biggest boy band in the world, BTS, which has gained a lot of popularity worldwide, especially in Asian countries. Jungkook had a very simple childhood like that of any South Korean child.

He wanted to become a singer after seeing G-Dragon performing heartbreaker, which led him to audition for Superstar K. Although he didn’t get selected, he was scouted by not only one or two but seven different companies. Jungkook chose Bighit Entertainment, a relatively small company compared to other big companies, because he noticed RM(his fellow band member) and thought he was cool. He has struggled a lot to reach the position in which he is today.

Quick Bio of Jeon JungKook

Full Name Jeon Jung Kook
Birth Date September 1, 1997
Nationality Korean
Profession Singer, dancer, and songwriter
Nickname Kookie, JK, Muscle Pig, Golden Maknae, JungKookie, Jungshook, Bunny
Birth Place Busan, Korea
Net Worth 40 million USD (as of 2023)
Current Relationship Status Single
Age 25 years old

Birth and Childhood of Jeon Jung Kook

Jungkook came to the world on September 1, 1997; and his zodiac sign is Virgo, and he has blood group type A. He was born and brought up in Busan, South Korea. Most of his primary education is from Busan itself. Later, he went to Seoul and joined Singu Middle School after becoming a trainee under BigHit Entertainment.

After he got his higher education from Seoul’s School of Performing Arts in 2017, he finally graduated from high school. Even today, he is a part of Global Cyber University, completing his further education.

He has been quite athletic since his childhood. He had good skills in Badminton and hence had a dream of becoming a badminton player. Jungkook’s parents are traditional Korean People. The name of his mother and father is not yet revealed in the media. However, it is very well known that Jungkook has an older brother named Jeon Jung Hyung. Apart from an elder brother, he does not have any other siblings. Jungkook is very close to his older brother.

Jungkook’s Career

Jungkook finally decided that he wanted to become a singer after seeing G-Dragon’s performance in “Heartbreaker.”, he gave an audition at the Superstar K South Korean show to kick start his career. However, he was rejected from the show.

Further, he joined Big Hit Entertainment and followed RM so as to become a member of the BTS band group. The band required good skills in dancing and hence for the same Jungkook in 2012 received formal dance training from Moment Lifestyle (dance trainers).

After receiving all the skills to become a band member, he made his first public appearance and sang the song for the album, named “2 Cool 4 Skool” on June 12, 2013. Further, he also gained the opportunity to sing an alone track in albums like wings and Euphoria. In 2018 another song, Love Yourself, was released, which was a nine-minute version video in reference to the song Euphoria.

In 2018 Jungkook got an opportunity to sing the song We Don’t Talk Anymore with the original songwriter; this was a special collaboration. In the year 2020, Jungkook and all the members of the BTS band became a worldwide sensation. Almost 500 to 600 million fans view most of their songs released on YouTube. They are stars with practically no hate. Their fans highly appreciate the bond that exists between all the group members.

Other members treat Jeon as the youngest BTS member, as a kid. All the members of the group are very possessive about him. He seems to have a close bond with all members, especially V ( Kim Taehyung). The fans often ship V and Jungkook together as Vkook.

Often, during BTS concerts, one can notice the special moments that V and Jungkook share among themselves. The armies (their fans) call these moments Vkook moments. In the year 2015, Jungkook collaborated with other Korean stars in memory of the Korean War; this program was called One Dream and One Korea.

Skills and Talent of Jungkook

Jeon Jung Kook plays the role of main vocalist, sub-rapper, lead dancer, center, etc. In order to gain this position, he did a lot of hard work and did training each and every day in order to excel himself. JK has learned many types of dance styles like b-boying, contemporary, hip-hop, etc.

Other types of dances and forms he learned include urban, sexy, powerful, and many more from famous, talented choreographers. Jeon Jung Kook is still working hard in order to be able to write good songs with meaningful lyrics. He wants to write lyrics like that of hyungs.

Choreographers and judges told him that he lacked expressions during his early days. Since then, Jungkook has worked hard and given a lot of focus to his expressions and facial attitude both while singing and dancing. Jungkook has good skills of rapping and an excellent voice. His voice is a mix of sweetness and toughness.

Reportedly, JK is a fantastic cook. He loves to cook food for himself and others. He has good skills in Badminton and chess. He has been interested in sports since childhood. His other talents include bowling, drawing, video making, playing video games, exercising, etc.

Overall, Jeon Jung Kook is a mixture of good cooking skills, excellent skills in dancing and singing, and a passion for sports and games.

Following and Social media

Jungkook is one of the most liked BTS members. In the year 2018, he became the third most-liked celebrity in South Korea. Recently he joined many social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These accounts would help him to connect to his fans. His fans would also get the opportunity to know about his personal life and new updates.

Jungkook, along with other BTS members, gained many followers within a few hours of going live on Instagram. This hence proves that Jungkook, along with other members of the group, has fans that desperately wait for their actions and public appearance.

He has won many awards both in Korea and other international countries. The innocence and simplicity of Jungkook are one of the reasons he has been able to get such a huge fan following (armies).

Appearance and Physical features

Jungkook is very handsome. He is 5tf 10 inches tall. He is very fit as he takes diet and workout seriously. Like many Koreans, Jungkook has clear glass-like skin. His weight is about 66 kg. He has a slim body with broad shoulders.

His young age gives him a cute look like that of a small kid. He has black hair, and he thinks that the color suits him the best. He has a small mark on one of his cheeks. He mentioned that the spot was from a fight with his brother when both of them were very young. He has a good sense of fashion and presents himself very properly.

Workout routine and diet

Jungkook is a star and hence needs to maintain a good body image. He has a strict diet plan that does not include any fried and unhealthy food. Jeon once mentioned that if he were not a celebrity, he would eat whatever and whenever he wanted. He is a foodie but can only enjoy good food on cheat days.

He does a basic workout at the gym that keeps his body lean and well maintained. He loves to work out but cannot do an intense workout as his agency wants him to maintain a slim body like that of a young college boy.

It is still not easy to maintain the body Jungkook has because such a body requires high strength training and cardio workout. He loves to dance, and dancing helps him excel in his career and maintains his body. He does a dance workout for two straight hours every day without any fail. These are the reason behind JK’s good health and body.

Jungkook’s tattoo

Jungkook has many tattoos, most of which are on his right arm. He mentioned that he would love to be a tattooist. JK loves to collect wireless speakers. He is a big fan of iron man and likes to watch marvel movies.

Qualities and Favorites of Jungkook

JK is a fun person. He likes to invest his time cooking, playing, resting, and doing exercise. He loves to hang out with all the BTS members, especially V. His favorite color is red. His favorite dance style includes Urban and Contemporary, and without a doubt, he is undoubtedly excellent at it.

All the BTS members have given Jungkook different nicknames, and the very commonly used ones are muscle pig, JK, bunny, Jungshook, and kookie. Jungkook loves to eat rice, pork soup, bread, and pizza. He is an anime lover and watches “Kim No Na War.”

He can perfectly speak Japanese and Korean. However, he only knows the basics of English, and he is still working on the language. In many of the interviews and award shows, JK is seen trying to speak English even though he stumbles in few word pronunciations. He is a perfectionist.

In one of the interviews, he mentioned that he often cried when he made mistakes while dancing and singing. One of his biggest goals is to become perfect in his work. JK hates losing and is quite competitive. He hates it when he does not win a game. He is currently learning to play the piano with the help of Suga and Jimin.

He often gets nervous while expressing his feelings. During nervousness, his ears turn red, and he starts to fidget. He likes to spend time with himself and often does not respond to texts. Moreover, he is most unlikely to answer a text among all the other BTS members. He often mentions how grateful he is for having so many fans and loves them for their support to the band.

Awards and Achievements

Jungkook has achieved many things, such as the order of cultural merit awarded by the president of South Korea. He is the youngest recipient ever to receive this order. He is crowned as the best singer in Korea, the sexiest international man in 2020, an IT boy, most searched K-pop idol on Google in 2020, and 2021, and a sold-out king as he constantly sold out the product he uses or wears. He is also now the brand ambassador for popular brands like Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton, along with his members.

Net worth of Jung Kook

Jungkook often helps in the production of many of his band songs. Hence, he indeed owns shares in production. He also often becomes a part of paid popular shows. He currently lives with other BTS members together in Seoul but has purchased a house worth one million USD for his parents and elder brother. He reportedly has other apartment flats as well. It can be assumed that he has a bank balance and property worth forty million USD as of 2023.

Relationship Status of Jungkook

Even though there have been several rumors of  Jeon Jung Kook dating different celebrities and having a crush on a member from Blackpink as well, Jungkook has always denied being in a relationship. He said he is single, and all his attention is towards his work and career.

Jeon Jung Kook often mentions his ideal type of girl. Some of the qualities he said he wished to have in his girlfriend are a good cook, passion for her work, a good body, and a charming personality. An ideal date for JK is a walk on a beach at night. He also mentioned that he would love to go out on a trip with his lover in the future.

Jungkook’s birthday celebration

Jungkook’s birthday is a big day for his fans. Different programs in both Seoul and Busan (his birthplace) are organized by armies to celebrate the day and celebrated by fans worldwide. Jeon Jung Kook himself comes live on his birthday from a Korean app called Vlive to greet the fans waiting for his one look.

In the year 2021, the live lasted for about two and half hours. Many supermarkets and convenience stores sell items having pictures of Jeon Jung Kook.

The fans, with all the enthusiasm, buy the merchandise and make this day memorable for JK. Not only in Korea but his birthday is celebrated in many other countries such as Nepal, India, Japan, China, the USA, Australia, etc.

Such a massive celebration for a living celebrity’s birthday is not very common. Therefore, the celebration speaks for the popularity Jungkook has gained over all the years from 2013 (his debut).

Jungkook’s solo career

Jungkook’s solo song Seven, featuring Latto, was released on Youtube, which has over 164 million views in just a month.

After the release of the summer song Seven, Jungkook also made and broke many records. Seven make the record of the first K-pop song to reach 10m streams on Spotify for at least five consecutive days. Seven also entered the top 100 on the official charts of the UK at the no.3 spot. After Psy Gangnam style, seven is the second highest for a soloist to reach the #3 spot.

Seven is a summer song that shows his intensity and devotion toward love and relationship. He also released the explicit version of Seven that expressed the intimacy between the lovers. It shows that he is now all grown and can do any genre perfectly.

Song seven which shows his mature side, has won everyone’s heart. Many Army showed their love and support to the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook, for his solo song.

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