Jenni Rivera’s daughter, Chiquis Rivera’s bio, career, relationship, and net worth

Introduction of Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera is the stage name of Janney Marin Rivera, a famous performer, singer, author, and celebrity. She is also the oldest child of the renowned artist Jenni Rivera.

Chiquis’s birth date is June 26, 1985. Janney Marin Rivera is her full name, but she goes by the stage name Chiquis Rivera. She became famous due to her appearances on television shows and her booming singing career.

Chiquis Rivera performing in 2021

Chiquis Rivera performing in 2021 (Source: Getty Images)

In 2014, Chiquis made her singing debut with her single “Paloma Blanca.” With the performance of “Esa No Soy Yo“, Chiquis made her international television debut. She also made her television debut by appearing on the reality show, Jenni Rivera Presents Chiquis & Raq-C. Not only this, but she also appeared on Jenni Rivera’s reality show, “I Love Jenni.”

Chiquis Rivera’s debut album was titled “Ahora,” and she released it on June 2, 2015. Later on, she also released a memoir titled “Forgiveness” on April 7, 2016. Her late mother, Jenni, and her ex-husband, Lorenzo, helped and co-created her studio album, “Entre Botellashe.” It was released in 2018.

In 2020, Chiqiuis Rivera also succeeded in taking home a “Latin Grammy Award” for the best banda album category for the album “Playlist .” Chiquis was moved to tears because it’s a great honor not only for her but also for the entire Rivera family.

Quick Overview of Chiquis Rivera

Full Name Janney Marin Rivera
Date of Birth June 26, 1985
Parents Jenni Rivera and Jose Trinidad Marin
Nationality American-Mexican
Profession Singer, Author, Entrepreneur, Performer
Age 38 years (as of 2023)
Horoscope Cancer
Religion Presbyterian
Ex-Husband Lorenzo E. Mendez Ronquillo
Siblings Jenicka, Johnny, Jacquie, and Michael
Current Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $5 million

Chiquis Rivera’s early life:

On June 26, 1985, Jenni Rivera gave birth to her elder daughter, Chiquis, in Long Beach, California. She is the oldest child in her family. She is now 37 years old, and Jose Trinidad Marin is her father.

Her mother, Jenni Rivera

Her late mother, Jenni Rivera, was a very famous actress and singer in America. Chiquis and Jenni did not have a good relationship with each other. In October 2012, she and Jenni stopped talking to each other.

Sadly, Jenni Rivera died on December 9, 2012, in a plane crash. After Jenni Rivera departed, it was a really sad moment for Chiquis Rivera because she never got a chance to talk with Jenni and reconcile with her.


She dedicated a heartwarming tribute that she wrote herself to her mother, titled “Forgiveness,” hoping that her mother would forgive her for her blunders and bless her with motherly love from heaven.

She even wrote about the beautiful memories with her mother(her mother’s coffee-colored hair in a ponytail, her voice that made her calm and warm).

Her father, Jose Trinidad Marin

Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera

Chiquis’s father, Jose Trinidad Marin, used to work in a cafe and was living the life of a common person before he got married to Jenni Rivera. Chiquis and Jose Trinidad also did not have a good relationship, as Chiquis accused him of sexual abuse.

After being found guilty of abusing his daughter Jacqie and his ex-wife’s sister Rosie, he was given a sentence of 31 years in jail and is currently completing his sentence there.

She even mentions her father’s crimes in her biography, which was written by herself, that “for what he did to her as a little girl, she forgave him a thousand times, but she has not forgiven him for not even sending a condolence message after her mother died.”

Chiquis has four siblings: Jenicka, Johnny, Jacquie, and Michael. She is the guardian of her family after her mother passed away.

Chiquis, dancing with her brother Michael


View this post on Instagram post shared by Chiquis (@chiquis)


Chiquis Rivera’s relationship:

Chiquis Rivera was previously involved with the record label executive Angel Del Villar. There was also a rumor that he was already married at the time they were dating, but there was no evidence.

Chiquis gets married to Lorenzo E. Mendez Ronquillo in June 2019. Lorenzo is a former vocalist of La Original Banda El Limon. Chiquis Rivera was his second wife and the stepmother of his daughter.

Sadly, soon after a year, on September 17, 2020, Chiquis announced the news of her divorce with Lorenzo. At that time, she didn’t reveal the reason for their divorce, but she later revealed in her autobiography “Unbreakable” that her husband was a drug addict and had aggression issues. He even used to spit in her face and grab her by the neck at one point, so his brother had to stop him with a dumbbell.

As of now, there’s a rumor going on that she is dating Emilio Sanchez, but there’s no official announcement. Emilio is from Los Angeles, and he is a professional photographer. He has even worked with the team of famous singer and performer Becky G for years. He has a net worth of $1.5 million.


Chiquis Rivera begins her singing career at the age of 29 by releasing the single “Paloma Blanca .” She made her breakthrough on television by making her appearance on a TV reality show, Jenni Rivera Presents Chiquis & Raq-C. She also appeared on her mother’s show, “I Love Jenni.”

She released her debut album in June 2015, titled “Ahora.” On April 7, 2016, she gave her late mother, Jenni Rivera, a heartwarming tribute, who sadly passed away in a plane crash, by releasing the memoir, which was titled “Forgiveness.” Chiquis even runs an NGO in her mother, Jenni Rivera’s name.

Chiquis Rivera performing with other artists in Maxico in 2021

Chiquis Rivera performing with other artists in Mexico in 2021 (Source: Getty Images)

Chiquis has also taken home a “Latin Grammy Award” for the album “Playlist,” for which she was nominated for the Best Banda Award. It was released in 2020.

Her music genres include Mexican and Latin Pop. She has released three albums since her debut. Her other exceptional nominations for her outstanding performances are the Juventud Award and the Billboard Latin Music Award, among others.

Chiquis’s relationship with her mother, Jenni Rivera

As everyone knows, Jenni and Chiquis did not have a good relationship. She said that even when she was just a child, Jenni used to shout at her and was very strict towards her.

Jenni even kicked her out of the house at one point, and Chiquis had to live at her grandparents’ house for two months. She also revealed that Jenni had also kicked her out of the will. She expressed that she was rather thankful for that.

They even stopped talking to each other in October. They did not reveal the reason behind their problem at the time, but after Jenni passed away, Chiquis revealed it in her autobiography.

The reason was that she believed that her daughter Chiquis snuck into her bedroom with Esteban(Jenni’s ex-husband) to have a sexual encounter. Both mother and daughter did not get a chance to sort out their personal issues.

In her book, she expressed that she has pardoned her mother for doubting her, and now she wants to reminisce only good memories with her and love her wholeheartedly.

She wants to put her mind at ease and be a better person so she can move forward and be free from that dark past memory and those tangled strings.

Networth of Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera has a net worth of around $5 million. Her salary is $5,00,000.

Her Social Media

Chiquis Rivera has been active on Instagram since August 2012, and she is a verified user. She has 5.5 million followers on Instagram. Her Insta ID:(@Chiquis). She joined Twitter in February 2010 and has 622.8k followers as of 2022. Her Twitter account is (@chiquis626).

Chiquis Rivera and Jacqie Campos

Chiquis Rivera and Jacqie Campos

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