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Who is Julian Alvarez?

Julian Alvarez

Julian Alvarez

Julian Alvarez has becomes a football sensation within a few years. This young guy is still in his early twenties and has made his space in one of the most popular football clubs; he is also a member of the national team of Argentina.

He occupies the position of center-forward in the group. This young lad has occupied space within the hearts of many football fans.

Also, the fact that Julian’s football skills are often associated with Messi’s itself proves that Julian is an extraordinary player.

Within a few years in international football, Julian has managed to win a huge number of trophies and establish his name. He is indeed a player who can gain enormous heights if he continues to work hard.

Quick bio of Julian Alvarez

Full Name Julian Alvarez
Date of Birth January 31, 2000
Birth Place Argentina
Nationality Argentine
Profession Football Player
Popular as Footballer
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Net Worth 5 million USD
Current Relationship Status Single
Age 23

Birth and Childhood of Julian Alvarez

Julian Alvarez came into the world on January 31, 2000, in Argentina. He has an Aquarius zodiac sign. Julian was born and brought up in Argentina. He received almost all of his education from his hometown in Argentina itself.

Reportedly, Julian completed most of his education before joining football; Hence Julian is an educated young man. According to sources, Julian belongs to a middle-class family.

His parents worked really hard in order to live a good life. Julian may or may not have a sibling, as the fact remains untold. Julian’s father often comments on the fact that he is a proud father.

His father works as an employee for a cereal company. On the other hand, his mother is a preschool teacher. Throughout Julian’s journey, his parents have supported him.

His parents indeed are a reason for his success today. It is pretty rare that parents support their kids in risky careers like football.

Julian Alvarez playing for Argentina national team

Julian Alvarez playing for Argentina national team


Even though there is minimal information about Julian’s initial career days, it can be predicted that Julian started playing football at a very young age as his skills at the age of 11 were quite impressive.

Julian Alvarez initially, at the age of 11, scored two goals in a tournament from the side of LaLiga giants Real. He had also performed exceptionally well in the trial for the Spanish Captain.

His performance had impressed the Madrid coaches, but the club could not allow an outsider kid below a teenage to join them, and hence Julian could not become a part of Madrid then.

Another club for which Julian gave a trial was the Boca Juniors. Finally, Julian gained space in the River Plate in the year 2016. This was one of the first significant steps Julian made for his football career, and since then, he never looked back.

He showed extraordinary performance in almost all the tournaments and won matches like Copa Argentina, Copa Libertadores, and many more, which brought Julian into the limelight among fans and international clubs.

In one of the tournaments named Primera Division, Julian became the footballer with the highest score of 20 goals. He was hence titled as the South American Footballer of the year.

Overall, Julian has shown extraordinary performance over the years and helped River Plate gain more fame and trophies. After seeing Julian as an excellent striker, many clubs, including Man City and Manchester United, have kept an eye on the player.

Julian Alvarez always wanted to be part of one of these clubs, and today Julian has an opportunity to choose between them; this proves that he has come a long way on his own.

Julian Alvarez’s Skills, Goals, and Assists

Julian Alvarez’s another step to success

According to sources, as of 2022 December, the contract Julian has signed with River Plate will end. After Julian’s extraordinary performance, he is a clear target of many famous English clubs as of now. Reportedly, both Man City FC and Manchester United were seeking opportunities to enroll Julian.

According to the latest reports, Man City is clearly looking for the replacement of Sergio Aguero and signed Alvarez, who is playing in the forward position for the

team. Due to health reasons, Sergio had to retire from football while playing for Barcelona FC in 2022.

Hence this becomes the perfect reason to include Julian in the team. Many have tried to compare Sergio and Julian over time, but it is not fair until we see his big-game performances.

There are rumors that Man City has offered an amount of 17.5 million euros to River Plate for Julian Alvarez. Julian joined Manchester City FC in the summer.


Julian, Messi and Lautaro Martinez

Lautaro Martinez , Messi and Julian Alvarez

Social media

Julian is an active social media user. He mainly updates his fans through Instagram. Other than that, he has a profile on Twitter as well. As of 2023, Julian has about 14 million followers on Instagram.

All of his posts on Instagram are football-related in which proudly announce his victory. Most of the pictures on his handle in candid.
He has good looks, which attracts many female followers as well. It can be predicted that Julian makes money through social media as well.

Current relationship status

Julian Alvarez is a handsome hunk with an excelling career. Until now, Julian has never publicly announced his relationship status. One can hence predict that he is single.

Net worth of Julian Alvarez

Julian Alvarez, who then belonged to a middle-class family, now has a worth in the millions. He indeed has come a long way and has an even better future ahead.

As of the end of 2021, Julian had a net worth of almost 5 million dollars, considering Julian’s young age. However, day by day, more clubs and companies are reaching Julian, who will take his net worth to another level within a few years.

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