Bio & career of professional boxer and entrepreneur Dino Guilmette

Who is Dino Guilmette?

Dino Guilmette is one of such personalities who gained popularity due to her famous significant other, who herself was the fiancée of a famous footballer. Dino himself has a stable and well-to-do career like that of his partner. He has been a part of many controversies since the start of his relationship.

The fact that Dino Guilmette helped his girlfriend deal with her past relationship trauma is very actual. Many of his followers feel that he wanted Jenkins to move out from her criminal lover and wanted her to have a better life in which they would start a lavish and good life full of respect.

Here are a few less-known facts one should know about Dino Guilmette.

Dino Guilmette

Dino Guilmette

Quick bio of Dino Guilmette

Full Name Dino Guilmette
Date of Birth August 11, 1978
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Profession Boxer and Entrepreneur
Popular As Shayanna Jenkins’s fiancé
Children Three
Net Worth 1.5 million USD
Current Relationship Status Engaged
Age 45

Dino’s Birth

Dino Guilmettee came into the world on August 11, 1978. He was born and brought up in Cranston, situated in the United States of America. He spent most of his childhood in Cranston itself.

Childhood of Dino Guilmette

From a young age, Dino Guilmette had a passion for boxing. In his teen years, he used to compete with good-level boxers and gained popularity as a local boxer and wrestler in his hometown. He was also given the title ‘The Ghost ‘Dino is Leo, and his urge to become famous from a young age is proof of being a Leo.

Dino’s parents’ names are William Guilmette and Dona Guilmette. Dino reportedly has eight or more siblings who must have indeed made his childhood fun and interesting.


Dino Guilmette attended both primary and high school so as to gain education in business and finance, but the exact name of the school he visited is unknown. Later he received his University level education from the University of Rhode Island Feinstein, which was located in his hometown itself.

One can indeed say that Dino Guilmette received all of his education in his Birth city. He is qualified in finance and business management as he gained an interest in becoming an entrepreneur after giving up on his idea of being a boxer and wrestler.

The career of Dino

In his early career days, Dino Guilmette wanted to establish his career as a model. His good looks and fit body could easily help him to become a great model. One of the companies he worked with as a model was ‘” One Mod Place.”

However, luck did not favor him as a model, and eventually, Dino Guilmette had to drop his modeling plans. He had received a degree in finance and business; he hence started his own organization at Cranston D’Mici Industries LLC.

Since Dino Guilmette had received a degree in business, the career plan worked very well for him this time. Eventually, he became a successful entrepreneur.

First Marriage of Dino

Dino’s first marriage was with a non-celebrity. He and his ex-wife together were parents to Mia Guilmette. However, Dino’s first marriage did not last long, and then they separated their ways. He has not revealed the name of his ex-wife to the media. He took custody of his daughter, who was relatively young when her parents got a divorce.

Second Marriage of Dino Guilmette with Shayanna Jenkins

Dino Guilmette later started dating Shayanna Jenkins, who made him quite famous. Shayanna was a TV personality; she used to work in TV shows. The reason behind her fame is her ex-fiancé, Aaron Hernandez, who was a football star and an NFL player.

Dino Guilmette's wife Shayanna Jenkins

Dino Guilmette’s wife Shayanna Jenkins

Shayanna Jenkins’s past life

Apparently, Aaron Hernandez and ShayannaJenkins dated for a long time. The couple was quite in love with one another and had got engaged before the hidden secrets of Hernandez came into the limelight. The couple also has a child together named Avielle Janelle Hernandez.

In the year 2013, Aaron Hernandez was arrested by the police for being guilty of murder. Hernandez had killed footballer Odin Llyod who was apparently dating Jenkins’s sister. He was also found involved in the murder of two other men. Despite all the ugly allegations Aaron was accused of, Jenkins supported her husband.

Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez

She fought with her own sister in order to save Aaron and went every single day to the court in the hope that Aaron was not guilty. However, when Aaron was found guilty, Jenkins felt like a thunderstorm struck her.

Aaron was punished and was sentenced to prison for life. In the year 2017, Aaron committed suicide in the prison cell itself. Jenkins became a single mother and moved to Rhode Island, which was apparently Dino’s hometown.

The couple started dating. Dino Guilmette helped Jenkins to deal with her trauma. He also became a father-like figure to Jenkins’s daughter.

His Children and family relationship

Jenkins and Dino both had a kid, each from their past relationship. The couple’s decision to come together helped to fill the gap of a motherly and fatherly figure in their kid’s life. Dino Guilmette adopted Jenkins’s daughter and now is her step-father.

In the month of May in 2018, soon after they started dating, Dino and Jenkins together became parents to an adorable child whom they named Giselle Guilmette.

Children of Dino Guilmette

Dino Guilmette’s children

There came a lot of controversy with the birth of their first child Giselle Guilmette. Many media personalities and the public said that Giselle Guilmette was Aaron’s child. Many accused Jenkins of fooling Dino Guilmette and carrying the child of her ex-husband.

However, the couple mentioned the blames were stupid and did not make any sense. They also said that such ugly rumors would not affect their relationship and were a waste of time for the haters.

The lifeStyle of Dino

Dino Guilmette and Jenkins live together in Rhode Island and share a beautiful relationship. Both of them have well-to-do and stable careers. Jenkins has been a part of Netflix series as well as TV shows, whereas Dino has a big business that is going on pretty well.

Net Worth of Dino Guilmette

The estimated net worth of Dino Guilmette is about dollar 1.5 million, which includes both his bank balance and property.

Together they live a lavish life and can provide their kids with a good lifestyle. The story of this Dino Guilmette and his partner looks somewhat comforting and no less than a fairy tale.

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