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Who is Amad Diallo

Amad Diallo

Amad Diallo

Amad Diallo is one of the youngest football players to gain a lot of hype over the years. He plays for Manchester United and the national team of Ivory Coast. Amad belonged to a middle-class family where his parents worked really hard in order to be able to feed their children. Amad spent his childhood in trouble. He had to go through a lot of sacrifices and adjustments so as to reach his current position.

The most challenging part of Amad’s life was his childhood, even though childhood generally is the most beautiful time in one’s life. Amad was born a few months before the war, and hence the war affected his initial childhood days.

However, the hardship Amad Diallo faced in his childhood made him a fighter. Thus today, he has established his name in the history of football. Never could have anyone imagined that this youngster would compel a world-famous team academy like Manchester United to pay him a massive amount of money in order to include them in the team. Indeed, Amad is an excellent example of success.

Quick bio of Amad Diallo

Full Name Amad Diallo
Date of Birth July 11, 2002
Birth Place Ivory Coast
Nationality Ivorian
Profession Footballer
Zodiac sign Cancer
Popular as Footballer
Net Worth 10 Million Euros
Current Relationship Status Single
Age 21 as of 2023
Transfer market value 18-21 Million Euro

Diallo’s First goal for Manchester United against AC Milan in UEFA Europa League Match

Amad Diallo came into the world on July 11, 2002. Reportedly, Amad’s full official name was Amad Traore. He was born in the capital city of the Ivory Coast. Hamed Mamadou Traore and Marina are Amad’s parents. In the same year of his birth that was 2002, the Ivorian Civil War started. Amad indeed faced the effects of the war in his childhood.

Amad spent a few years of his childhood in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He had a temporary house made with a few raw materials. His family moved to Italy after a few years of his birth. It must have been not easy for his parents to collect money for the travel to Italy, but they managed it for the promising future of their family.

His mother, Marina was very supportive throughout his career; despite having financial or any issues, she made sure that her son was trained properly and all his necessities were well provided to him.

Amad also has a very good relationship with his only sibling Hamed. Amad is two years younger than Hamed and both the brothers are football players. In 2020, Amad and his family faced many problems as they were accused of illegal migration. If Amad is found guilty, the case can ruin his established career.

Start of his career

Amad Diallo playing for Manchester United

Amad Diallo playing for Manchester United

In his youthful days, Amad was not sure if he wanted to become a footballer; the only thing that came in his young, innocent mind was that he wanted to be famous. Amad spent his free time playing football with his brother and neighbors. This was when a friend of his recommended him to join Boca Barco, a local academy in his hometown Italy.

Only in a few months, Amad gave tough competition to players who had been training for long. By the age of 12, he started giving most of his time to football. It was when he played through AS Lucchese; he became the youngest highest scorer in the match.

Amad then immediately moved to Atlanta as he wanted to give his talent a bigger platform. He first joined the U-14 team of Atlanta and then the U 15 team. He gave an extraordinary performance in all the matches, earning many trophies at a very young age. On October 27, the young lad made a massive record of being the youngest player to score in an Italian top flight.

Amad Diallo’s Step to stardom

Many clubs had an eye on this guy who could perform miracles in the future in the field of football. Manchester United finally made its chance to sign this man.

Everyone around the world could not believe it. Still, it is very true that United paid for this guy a massive offer of around 40 million euros to play in their team, and as Amad agreed, he became a viral sensation in the first month of 2021. Many said that he could be the next Ronaldo for the United.

Current Relationship Status

Players like Amad are scarce. Hence, this young guy has a huge fan following and female fans who are very interested in knowing his relationship status. However, Amad has not made any public announcement of being in a relationship, and thus one can assume that Amad is single or say he is in relation to his career in football.

Amad is fit and has a great personality, and can surely attract many. He is indeed a perfect gentleman. However, a lot of hard work and sleepless nights are required to establish a career like his.

Amad Diallo

Amad Diallo

Case of illegal migration

The case on Amad and his so-called family is still ongoing as of 2022. Amad and his family have been accused of illegally entering Italy. There have been several investigations on the player’s actual identity. The investigation brought a much-hidden fact in front of the public. Reportedly Hamed Traore, who claimed to be Amad’s biological father, is not actually his father.

There are many doubts that he and his elder brother are also not own siblings. Amad, after these inquiries, changed his surname to Diallo and asked his fans to call him the same.

It seems that there are many facts hidden behind Amad’s family background. However, since Amad was very young when his parents immigrated, he does not have to face the consequences but only his parents if found guilty.

Net Worth of Amad Diallo

Amad Diallo came from a middle-class family, and hence he must have faced many difficulties during his early years. However, Amad is not quite wealthy. He can now afford a luxurious life and provide a good lifestyle to his family members as well.

Despite having a lot of money, Amad still chooses to live a down-to-earth life. He also supports his family with their needs; indeed, his parents have gained the fruits of their hard work. Amad, as of 2021, has a net worth of around 10 million euros.

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