Erika Jayne’s son Tommy Zizzo’s bio, net worth, obituary, and cause of death

Introduction of Tommy Zizzo

Tommy Zizzo

Tommy Zizzo

Tommy Zizzo Jr. was a government servant as he was a police officer working in Los Angeles. Tommy gained a lot of popularity since his birth itself; the reason behind it was his mother, Erika Jayne. She is a famous singer and actor who gained a lot of popularity back then from her songs and performances. Many of her songs have been viral overnight; her pop music once was listed as the most popular clubbing track.

Tommy Zizzo has an entirely different life compared to her mother. Tommy was fascinated by movies since his childhood. He was inspired by heroic characters and hence wanted to do something good for the nation from an early age.

Growing up, Tommy Zizzo did not receive love from his biological father, Thomas Zizzo. He is a DJ and a musician. Thomas got married to Erika in 1990 and divorced while Tommy was just about 18 months old.  So, Tommy may or may not even meet with his biological father. Tommy was still a toddler when his parents split up.

Quick Bio of Tommy Zizzo

Full Name Tommy Zizzo
Date of Birth 1994
Death 15 September 2021
Birth Place New York, United States
Nationality American
Profession Police Officer
Ethnicity White
Children None
Net Worth 3 lakh USD
Relationship Status Single
Parents Erika Jayne and Thomas Zizzo

Childhood and Birth of Tommy Zizzo

Tommy Zizzo's father Thomas Zizzo

Tommy Zizzo’s father, Thomas Zizzo

Tommy Zizzo came into the world in 1994. He was born in New York, the US; therefore, he has an American nationality. Tommy’s parents are Thomas Zizzo (dad) and Erika Jayne (mom). His father was reportedly a DJ or musician. There is not much information about Thomas Zizzo as he kept himself out of industry and media. Despite being born in New York, Tommy was grown up in Los Angeles.

Tommy’s parents got a divorce in the year 1996. Tommy Zizzo was only a few months old kid during their split-up. His mother, along with him, moved to Los Angles to build a better career.

Erika single-handedly raised and cared for Tommy alone until 1999. In that year, she married Tom Girardi, a professional legal practitioner. He is also involved with other businesses such as Girardi and Keese, owns a strip club, owns the pure CRO film, etc.

Tommy Zizzo's father Thomas Zizzo

Tommy Zizzo

Girardi is exceptionally wealthy and is involved in multiple projects. Tom and Erika together raised Tommy with love and care. Tom being Tommy’s stepfather, has good relations with him.

However, it was a shock to hear that the couple was splitting up. They got divorced in the year 2020. The divorce gained a lot of limelight despite the fact that Erica requested privacy. Erika’s fans trolled her and demanded to ban her from her upcoming projects.

Education and Career of Tommy Zizzo

Tommy Zizzo received his primary education in Los Angeles. Further, he received his higher education in New York (his birthplace) from Rhodes School. Immediately after graduation in the year 2016, Tommy started working as a Police officer in Los Angeles.

Tommy had decided to serve the country since his childhood. He often saw people complaining about safety and hence wanted to work for the same. Despite being a celebrity kid, he stayed away from the media and entertainment industry. Tommy had determination, and thus nothing could stop him from reaching his goal.

Tommy has received no awards or recognition for his work as a police officer. He had served his country for nearly five to six years as of 2021. Erika, Tommy’s mother, frequently expressed her pride in him because he had a strong desire to work for the government.

Never did Tommy step behind when it came to serving his country. It is infrequent that the child of a celebrity chooses to be in law enforcement. Tommy was indeed a rare gem.

Relationship Status of Tommy Zizzo

Tommy Zizzo never spoke about his personal life. It was never confirmed that Tommy was dating anyone, even though rumors were flying about his dating life. As of 2021, Tommy was not married. The fact that his career demands a lot shows that he was busy with his job and did not have time for a relationship.

Social Media

Tommy does not have an account on any of the social media sites. He may or may not have a private account for his close friends and family.

Relationship with his mother

Tommy Zizzo was very close to his mother. Reportedly, Tommy lived with his mother, Erika, in Los Angles since Erika split up with Tommy’s biological father. Erika once posted a picture of Tommy and expressed how happy she was to have him. She often mentioned Tommy in her interview. She was indeed proud of him.

Tommy Zizzo's mother Erika Jayne

Tommy Zizzo’s mother, Erika Jayne

Tommy Zizzo’s obituary and Cause of Death

Tommy Zizzo’s death came as a shock to his mother and well-wishers. Reportedly Tommy died on September 15, 2021. There have been several rumors among the public that his death was not natural. However, in Tommy Zizzo’s obituary statement, Tommy’s mother, Erika, confirmed that Tommy had died in a car accident on his way home.

She said that Girardi, her ex-husband (Tommy’s ex-stepfather), had called Tommy for help as Girardi had eye surgery. The eye surgery was for an injury Girardi met. The injury took place when a thief in his house attacked Girardi. The thief had come to robe, and Girardi was injured during a physical fight with the thief. Unfortunately, when Tommy was coming back after assisting his stepfather at the hospital, he had an accident.

Erika gained a lot of hate as the story of Tommy’s death sounded impossible to the fans. Many said that the story was built up and sounded like that of a movie scene.

In an interview, Erika was found stumbling and confused when asked about the story in detail. Many have said that Erika was defending her ex-husband and was ultimately lying. There is no confirmation in the matter of Tommy’s death, but ultimately the truth will come to light.

Net worth

Tommy was a Police Officer and a celebrity kid. One may think that Tommy may be wealthy as his parents have big businesses and titles, but this is not the case.

Tommy had a net worth of around three lakh USD, which he earned by serving as a police officer. He may or may not have inherited some wealth and property from his mother, Erik, who is very wealthy due to her successful career in acting and singing.

There is no information about Tommy’s exact earnings and worth.

Erika Jayne

Tommy Zizzo’s mother, Erika Jayne (source: Getty Images)

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