Who is Shane Deary? Why is he famous?

Who is Shane Deary?

Shane Deary

Shane Deary

Shane Deary is not a renounced celebrity but a renounced celebrity’s ex-husband. Deary was a commoner and a regular citizen until he met the so-called love of his life, who was none other than actress Keri Russell.

Keri is really gorgeous with her looks and has built a well-settled acting career over the years with her hard work. Deary got limelight as soon as the news of him dating Keri reached the media and public.

The couple looked adorable together and received a lot of love and attention from the crowd. Deary does not belong to the entertainment industry, which made the public very curious about him.

Even though Deary kept most of the things about him relatively low-key, it almost gets impossible to hide from the media once you start dating a celebrity, and the same happened in the couple’s case.

Here is some genuine information about Shane Deary, both professional and personal.

Quick bio of Shane Deary

Full Name Shane Deary
Year of Birth 1976
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Profession Contractor
Ex-Wife Keri Russell
Children Two
Net Worth Unknown
Current Relationship Status Single
Popular As Keri Russell’s husband

Birth and Childhood

Since Deary was a commoner before his marriage with Russell, most of his early life happenings are still a secret. Deary was born and brought up in Massachusetts in the United States of America.

He spent most of his childhood in Massachusetts. The exact date of his birth is unknown, and so is his zodiac sign. The names of Deary’s parents are not available.

However, it is known that Deary has a sibling. He has an elder brother. Deary spent most of his childhood and teen years with his elder brother growing up.

Reportedly, his father had a wood furnishing and interior shop where both the brothers helped their father in small works from a very early age.

Deary completed most of his education from his birthplace and did not move out far for his studies.

Shane Deary with his kids

Shane Deary with his kids

Education and career

Shane Deary is an educated man. He has completed both his schooling and graduated from a reputed college. Apparently, Deary attended school in Massachusetts itself, but there is no information about the university he graduated from.

His significant subjects are also a mystery. The fact that Deary had an interest in furnishing, building, and interior since a young age, he must have received his degree in a similar field. However, Deary himself has never talked about his major.

Deary currently owns a well-elaborated business named “Deary Construction.” His business involves interior decoration, wood furnishing, building cabinets, renovation of residential as well as office space, etc.

Shane Deary and his elder brother have together built this company from his father’s local cabinet shop to a massive company with an extensive team and motto. His company started taking contracts for renovations around downtown Brooklyn and now has expanded to Texas as well.

Deary’s company focuses on the interior, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functioning and practical. The company has a website where clients can find both their previous work samples and future plans.

Even though Deary’s business is based in Brooklyn, he spends most of his time in his lavish house in Massachusetts. Reportedly, Deary has renovated his house very beautifully.

He also customized his kitchen and bedroom according to Russell’s choice after his marriage. His home has a beautiful garden area for his kids.


Shane Deary’s most hype was from his marriage to the famous actress Keri Russell. She has been a part of the entertainment industry for years and has played a role in many movies and series.

Shane Deary and Keri Russell

Shane Deary and Keri Russell

The main series that brought her into the spotlight was called Felicity. This show made her win many awards and brought many new opportunities her way.

Reportedly Russell and Deary met for the first time due to a familiar friend of theirs. The couple found each other compatible and soon started dating. At the time of the couple’s dating phase, they were equally doing well in their career and were relatively financially stable.

Deary and Keri finally made it official on the day of Valentine’s Day of 2007 when they tied the knots. On the marriage day, Keri was about five months pregnant with her first child, Deary. Keri proudly flaunted her baby bump on her wedding day and was very happy to start a life with Shane.


Shane Deary is the father of two kids, River and Willa, a son and a daughter, respectively. River, their son, is their first child who was born after a few months of the couple’s marriage.

 Shane Deary and Keri Russell

Shane Deary and Keri Russell

The couple was often spotted with their kids during their outings and vacation. Both the kids of Deary are very adorable.

Divorce with Keri Russell

The couple ended their six years of marriage in the year 2013 when they separated ways and started living apart. In the year, the couple publically announced their divorce.

The couple’s separation came as a shock to their fans and well-wishers. Apparently, the couple had many issues and conflicts, and they finally decided to end their togetherness.

Their children were about six and four when the couple split up. It must have been not easy to choose divorce as they were parents to such young kids.

Keri Russell

Keri Russell

Current situation

After the couple’s divorce, Keri Russell, after a few months, started dating one of her costars. Deary completely sheltered his life and kept himself away from the media and fans.

There has been no news of him dating another woman publically after the divorce. He may or may not be dating someone privately.

Even though the couple separated ways, they made sure that both of them spent time with their kids and kept a healthy relationship to make sure that their kids grew up in a healthy environment.

Shane Deary has a soft corner for both his kids and often meets and spends time with them. He is currently living in Massachusetts, where he efficiently manages his personal and private life.

Net worth

Shane Deary‘s net worth cannot be estimated due to the fact that his life is very private, and his work updates are not available yet.

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