Who is Prince Wilburn? His parents, bio, career and net worth

Who is Prince Wilburn?


Prince Wilburn

Prince Wilburn

Prince Wilburn is a celebrity kid as his father is a famous hip–hop rapper. Prince, as of 2022, is just ten years old. The primary reason behind all the attention Prince receives is his renowned father, rapper “Future.” Prince Wilburn is an adorable kid and currently lives with his mother.

His biological mother’s name is Brittni Mealy. His mother is a strong lady and has gone through many ups and downs in her life, especially regarding her relationship with Prince’s father. Despite all the problems between the couple, Brittni is raising a strong son.

She provides her son with all the necessities and is looking after his education as well. One can find many pictures of Prince online; Brittni posts most of them on her social media accounts.

It’s been many years since Prince’s parents parted ways, but there are still many controversies about the couple. Here are some facts and current updates about Prince and his parents.

Full Name Prince Wilburn
Date of Birth December 5, 2012
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Profession Student
Father Rapper ‘Future’
Mother Brittni Mealy
Net Worth Unknown
Current Relationship Status Single
Age 10 years (as of today)

Birth and Childhood of Prince Wilburn

Prince Wilburn came into the world on December 5, 2012. He was born and brought up in the United States of America and hence has American citizenship. His parents are Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn and Brittni Wilburn.

He must be currently receiving his education as he is just nine years old. There is no exact information about which school he attends and what subjects he has studied until now. Prince is a charming kid and has a black ethnicity.

He has dark brown colored eyes and hair, which brings a lot of charm to his looks. He is a Sagittarius. Prince does not have his own sibling, but he has many half-siblings from his father’s side.


Prince is currently very young to form a career and start earning. One can say he is currently preparing for his career by receiving his education and learning new things.

Until now, Prince does not have a job. However, he enjoys life with his mother, a well-to-do entrepreneur who gives her son a lavish life. Prince must have received some money from his father for child care.

Prince Wilburn

Prince Wilburn

Prince Wilburn’s Parents

Prince’s parents have both stable careers. They first met in the year 2009. In 2009 Prince’s father Future used to live in Atlanta, Georgia, and his mother used to work as a dancer in a club in Atlanta so as to earn her living.

Rapper ‘Future’ and Brittni Mealy

Prince’s parents Rapper ‘Future’ and Brittni Mealy

Future was a regular customer at the club and often visited there. This is when the Future and Brittni interacted for the first time and became friends. Later, when Brittni started working in Miami, she met Future again and eventually fell in love.

The couple spent most of their time traveling. After the couple moved in together, and in the year 2012, Prince was born. The couple was not officially married until then, and never did they tie knots.

Brittni found Future cheating on her, and the relationship never got the same again. Brittni once mentioned that it was tough for her to move on as she was deeply in love. In other words, Prince’s parents dated each other for many years but never legally married.

Prince Wilburn’s Father

Prince’s father is a very famous rapper and is extremely rich. He has been given the title “future of the music” and is popularly known as Future. Future did not have a luxurious childhood. His parents were commoners and worked hard to meet their expenses.

Future did not dream of becoming a rapper as a child, but later, when his cousin introduced him to rapping, Future did not have to look back. He also became the first-ever rapper whose two albums were a back-to-back hit and trended on number one on the billboard.

Prince Wilburn's father Rapper ‘Future’

Prince Wilburn’s father Rapper ‘Future’

Some of his famous albums are DS2, What a time to be alive, high off life, Pluto, and many more. As of 2022, Future is 38 years old. Until now, Future is not married but has about seven children from his ex-girlfriends, including Brittni.

He has about seven to eight ex-girlfriends which whom he has a child each. Ciara was the only woman to whom Future got engaged; however, they later broke the engagement. It seems that Future is not a man of commitments.

Controversy about Fight on Social media

Prince Wilburn’s parents went through an ugly fight on social media. The fight started when Brittni posted a screenshot of a conversation between her son Prince and Future on August 2021. In that particular conversation, Future insults Brittni using ugly slang.

This post of Brittni exposed the rapper and gained a lot of attention from the media. Brittni’s post got a reaction from Future’s mother in which she called Brittni‘s post fake and a publicity stunt. This is when Brittni lost her temper and made multiple posts regarding the rapper and his mother.

Prince Wilburn's mother Brittni Mealy

Prince Wilburn’s mother, Brittni Mealy

She asked Future’s mother to stay away from the matter. Brittni also called Future an irresponsible father; she also accused him of having multiple relationships and disrespecting women.
The fight got a lot worse when rapper Future indirectly posted a message on Twitter directed to Brittni. The tweet said, “Pray for her.” He further released merchandise that said, “Pray for her.”
It is infrequent for people to bring up the ugly side of their relationship on social media. Future may or may not be guilty, but the fact that he has multiple cases on him by many women is very actual.

Current Situation

Currently, Prince lives with his mother and enjoys his life as a child. He does not seem to be in good relations with his father. Sadly, misunderstanding between couples leads to problems in the life of their children. However, Brittni is both a strong independent woman and an amazing mother who takes good care of her son.

Social Media

Prince Wilburn has an account on Instagram where he does not post very often. Since he was very young, his mother indeed took care of his account. However, one can find many updates and recent pictures of Prince on Brittni’s Instagram account.

Net Worth

Prince Wilburn is still very young, and hence his Net worth remains unknown. Also, he has a long way to go.

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