American entrepreneur Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife Nadine Caridi’s bio, relationship, career and kids

Introduction of Nadine Caridi

Mrs. Nadine Caridi was born as Miss Caridi in the vintage city of London. She started her career as a model and is now a psychological doctor. Nadine wanted to become famous from an early age and hence started working hard for the same.

Her career in modeling started bright, but eventually, after her marriage, the scenes changed. Nadine Caridi had to face abuse and disloyalty in her first marriage. This made her broke from inside and financially as well.

Nadine Caridi

Nadine Caridi

However, Nadine Caridi never gave up and was ready to face the world, even as a single mother. Even though her ex-husband did not do well for her, he got famous in the long run and now has a blockbuster movie that depicts his life. Nadine has two kids with her ex-husband and further decided to become a single mother and raise her kids all by herself.

Now Nadine Caridi has a settled life. It must not have been easy to survive as a single parent in chaotic and busy cities. Today this gorgeous former model is a doctor; she remarried and has a lovely family.

Here are some less-known facts about Dr. Nadine and her story of ups and downs. Nadine‘s story, which began with survival and has since evolved into a sumptuous lifestyle, can serve as an example for many women whose lives have been made miserable by men.

Quick Bio of Nadine Caridi

Full Name Nadine Caridi
Date of Birth November 16, 1962
Birth Place London
Nationality British
Profession Clinical Psychologist
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Popular as Ex-wife of Jordan Belfort
Net Worth Not known
Current Relationship Status Married
Age 60 as of 2023

Early Life and Childhood of Nadine Caridi

Nadine entered the world on the sixth day of November in 1962. She was born in London, a city in the United Kingdom. However, she was brought up near Brooklyn in the US.

She is British by her birth. There is no information about her parents or siblings. Since Nadine Caridi was not famous as a child, nor were her parents, so she had a simple childhood. She completed her schooling at John Dewey, which is located in Brooklyn itself.

Additionally, she completed her higher education at this institution. She desired to become a model during her youth since she was a smart child.

Nadine Caridi

Nadine Caridi


Nadine Caridi began modeling after completing her academic studies. Her attractive appearance gave her an advantage in the modeling industry.

Her career started well. Eventually, she made her place as a model for a beer band advertisement called Miller Lite. She also featured in any 90’s national-level commercial campaigns and worked for various brands at the peak of her career.

Overall, modeling was something she was really good at, and it became the reason for her fame and lavish lifestyle in the 90s.

Nadine Caridi’s marriage and divorce

After marrying Mr. Jordan Belfort, who was a successful businessman and stock market trader, Nadine Caridi became the subject of a lot of media attention.

Jordan then had a huge bank balance and lived a very lavish life. The model met this man for the very first time at one of the many parties Jordan hosted almost every day. Alan Wilzig, who was then the model’s boyfriend, introduced them to each other.

Nadine Caridi and her ex-husband Jordan Belfort

Nadine Caridi and her ex-husband Jordan Belfort

Also, at that point, Jordan was married to his first wife, and the model was also in a relationship with Alan. The two connected and, in the long run, started dating after Jordan Belfort got divorced from his first wife, Denise.

Soon in the year the couple decided to make it official and got married in the year 1991. The gorgeous model got the title of Duchess of Bay Ridge. She was indirectly compelled to stop modeling.

The model lost her identity but still decided to continue with her marriage. She has two children with Jordan and named them Chandler and Carter. The former model now spent most of her time with her children.

Jordan often brought expensive and highly branded gifts for the lady, due to which Nadine Caridi could never actually see all the wrong he had done to her.

An example of one such gift was a yacht which was a beautiful creation of a French designer for the owner of the Chanel brand.

The couple’s marriage took a huge turn when different allegations came one after the other on Jordan. He had committed a list of scams and was part of many illegal transactions and businesses.

He was a drug addict and an abusive husband. He had cheated on his wife and had extramarital affairs with many women. The court sentenced him to almost 4 years in prison in the year 2003.

Finally, Nadine Caridi spoke about all the wrong he had done to her, and the couple got an official divorce in the year 2005.

According to the available information, the former model, Caridi, did not receive any financial support from Jordan in the form of child support payments. She raised her children by herself without any assistance.

The Wolf of Wall Street

This is the name of the biopic film or says the depiction of all the scandals Mr. Jordan Belfort performed in his lifetime.

The biopic was first written as a memoir and later was turned into a film that starred Leonardo DiCaprio as Mr. Jordan.

The storyline of the movie revolves around the rise of Jordan due to his big scandals in the stock market. In the movie, Nadine’s character has a different name than her actual one, but the story remains the same.

Nadine Caridi, on the release of the movie, did not give any of her views, but now almost seven years later, she is ready to say her side of the story through her TikTok account.

She has posted a few videos in which she says that the movie is just part of the story and not all the things depicted in the movie are true.

She mentioned how Mr. Wolf used to give her expensive gifts and divert her from his negative and abusive side. These videos of her have now reached a huge mass of audience.

Nadine Caridi and her husband John Macaluso

Nadine Caridi and her husband John Macaluso

Nadine Caridi’s Current Happenings

After the former model’s divorce from her ex-husband, she further started educating herself and is now a certified Clinical Psychologist. She is now Mrs. Macaluso after marrying her now husband, John Macaluso, who is the CEO of Wizard World.

Nadine Caridi has five kids, two with her ex-husband, and three are the children of Mr. John with his ex-wife. Together the family lives a happy life and is settled together. Nadine is now financially, very stable, and mentally happy.

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