Former actor Mike Vitar’s bio, movies, age, spouse, kids, family, and net worth

Who is Mike Vitar?

Mike Vitar

Mike Vitar

Mike Vitar was a former actor who played roles in many iconic movies and TV shows. He is quite famous among the 90’s kids even now. However, the actor’s journey in the entertainment industry did not last long.

Mike Vitar decided to change his career path from an actor to a firefighter. Mr. Vitar was and is equally good with both his professions. The reason behind him leaving acting and becoming a firefighter to serve the country is still unknown. However, in both ways, the actor has managed to make the country proud.

Mike is now married to a professional photographer Kim Vitar and has a happy small family. The actor has come a long way in life and has a quite settled and well-to-do life.

The “so-called” perfect life of Mike has a few controversies here and there, which brought the limelight back into this 90’s star life. Apart from this, the actor is often remembered for some of the iconic roles he played as a child.

Here is a deep insight into the former actor’s life which includes early life and siblings, roles he played, wife and kids, career, controversies, social media, and much more.

Quick overview of Mike Vitar

Full Name Michael Anthony Vitar
Date of Birth December 21, 1978
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Profession Actor and Firefighter (now)
Wife Kim Vitar
Children Eli, Wesley, and Noah
Net Worth 300 thousand dollars
Current Relationship Status Married
Popular as Former Actor
Age 44 years as of 2022

Early Life and Childhood of Mike Vitar

Mike Vitar was born as Michael Anthony Vitar in one of the most hyped cities of California, Los Angeles or so-called LA. He entered the world on December 21, 1978.

Mike had an ordinary life as a child until he came in sight of a Casting Manager who spotted him in a huge crowd of people and kids at a fair.
Mike has origins in Latin America. However, he was born and brought up in Los Angeles itself. The name and occupation of Mike’s parents are unknown.

Mike Vitar

Mike Vitar, ‘The Sandlot’ cast

Mike Vitar has three siblings, and he is the youngest among them. His sister’s name is Elizabeth Vitar, and his brother is Pablo P. Vitar.

Unfortunately, he lost his elder brother Pablo in the year 2008 due to cancer. His brother once played Mike’s older version in a movie. His brother, like him, served the nation with his profession as police in California.

Both the brothers have served the country through their profession as a policeman and a firefighter making their country proud.

His Education

Mike Vitar is an educated man and has graduated from a reputed university. His high school’s name is St. Francis High school which is situated in California itself.

Mike’s education has helped him build his career as a firefighter after he decided to quit acting.

Kim Vitar and Mike Viter with their kid

Kim Vitar and Mike Viter with their kid


Mike’s life changed as soon as he was cast in the movies at the very early age of 12. Mike’s good looks and appealing personality were the reason for his breakthrough and debut in the movies.

As a child, Mike Vitar played roles in movies like The Sandlot, released in 1993, and the mighty ducks (D2 and D3), released in 1994 and 1996, respectively.

He then started doing cameo and guest appearances in TV shows like NYPD Blue and movies like Sunset Grill and The water engine.

Among all the movies and TV shows he performed in, his role in the movie “The Sandlot” is still remembered and appreciated. This movie still has a huge place in the heart of most 90s kids.

This movie is a kid’s baseball movie in which the actor’s character’s name was Benjamin Franklin, also known as “Benny the Jet.”

In the year 1997, Mike Vitar decided to change his profession to a firefighter. Just within a year of joining, the former actor was honored for saving one of his colleagues from fire during one of their firefighting mission in LA. However, Mike’s one mistake in the year 2015 raised a lot of questions about his skills and profession.

The Case

In the year 2015, Michael and one of his coworkers were on their way home, off duty. It was the Halloween season. Mike and his coworker suspected a student of distributing candies and chocolates with drugs.

Mike Vitar, his friend, along with three men, stabbed the student and choked him to almost death. The student did not die but had a traumatic brain injury due to this attack.

This incident was recorded by a pedestrian and went up to the court. The student was not found guilty, and Mike, along with other criminals, was sentenced to jail by the court for about five years.

The former actor paid a huge amount of money for his bail, which saved him from 5 years of imprisonment. This one incident brought a lot of questions to the actor’s earned reputation. Many of his fans were now against him.

Mike Vitar ‘s Wife and Kids

The actor is married to Mrs. Kim Vitar. She is a professional event photographer. The couple tied knots and made it official in the year 2006. The couple kept their relationship a secret until they made it official.

Kim Vitar and her kids

Kim Vitar and her kids

The firefighter Mike and photographer Kim have now been together for about 16 years as of 2022. The couple together has three kids. Their first son’s name is Eli, who was born after 3 years of the couple’s marriage. Their second child is Wesley and their third born is a girl whom they named Noah.

Mike’s career has faced a lot of ups and downs but not his married life. He lives a happy life and settled life with his beautiful wife in the city of sunshine, Log Angles.

Social Media

Mike now likes to stay away from public attention. He hence does not have a public social media account. He may or may not have a private one as well.

However, his wife Kim is quite active on Instagram and often posts her work as a photographer. She has also posted some pictures with her husband and kids.

Net worth

The man has a settled, good life. His net worth is a rough estimate of three hundred thousand dollars. He, together with his wife, works to live a good lifestyle and also provides their kids with one.

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