Who is Janet Holden? Her bio, career, films, husband and family

Introduction of Janet Holden

Janet Holden wanted to become a part of the entertainment industry from a young age. With all her hard work and passion, she was able to get a space and work on many projects as a filmmaker.

Even though Janet was quite good with her work, she could not receive fame like that of famous celebrities. The reason behind this could be luck, her non-celebrity background, and also the fact that most of Janet’s work in the industry kept her behind the screen, which led to less popularity.

Janet Holden

Janet Holden

However, as soon as Janet married her better half, she became more popular as his wife. People not only saw Janet as Eric’s wife, but now we’re interested in her work and her projects.

Overall, Janet’s career has been like that of a ladder in which she gradually got fame, first from her own hard work and later from her husband’s popularity.

Today Janet Holden is married to her husband and lives a lavish lifestyle. The couple has been together for over twenty years now, and still, the bond remains unbroken. This is quite rare in today’s world, especially in the entertainment industry.

Quick Bio of Janet Holden

Full Name Janet Holden
Date of Birth Unknown
Birth Place Los Angeles
Nationality Canadian
Popular as Eric McCormack’s wife
Profession Filmmaker
Husband Eric McCormack
Net Worth Not Available
Current Relationship Status Married

Birth and Childhood Janet Holden

The date on which Janet entered the world remains unknown. She was born and brought up in Edmonton, situated in Canada. Janet belongs to a family of non-celebrities which was the reason for her ordinary childhood.

She belonged to a middle-class family in which her parents worked hard to give her a good life. The name of Janet’s parents has not come into the limelight yet. Also, it is not sure whether she has a sibling or not.

Janet Holden has received most of her education or almost all of her education from her hometown school and universities in Canada. Janet is an educated woman who has completed her graduation.

Growing up, Janet received a lot of love and support from her parents. Throughout Janet’s career from the very start to the end, her parents have supported her with her decisions; no doubt, she established a flourishing career.

Career of Janet Holden

Janet wanted to work in the entertainment industry from a young age itself. For the sake of her career establishment, Janet moved away from her hometown and started looking for opportunities in Los Angeles. She finally got a work opportunity after 1990.

One after the other, Janet began her career in filmmaking. Some of the notable projects and TV shows she has been involved in are Angle flight down and portraits of a killer, the edge, Mr. Magoo, cold blood, Lonesome Dove: the series, and many more.

Lonesome Dove: the series was a project in which Janet and her husband Eric McCormack were working together. At this particular set, the couple met one another for the first time. Soon they connected and started enjoying each other’s company.

Janet Holden with her husband Eric McCormack

Janet Holden with her husband Eric McCormack

Marriage with Eric McCormack

Janet and Eric eventually started dating each other in 1994 and realized they were perfect together. After three years of dating, they finally decided to get married.

In August 1997 in Canada, the couple tried knots and started a life together. Janet’s husband Eric McCormack is a famous actor and singer. He has played different roles in many movies and TV shows.

Even after Eric’s marriage, he flourished in his career. One of the TV shows was named Will and Grace; Eric played the role of Will and gained a lot of fans as the TV show gained popularity.

Husband Eric McCormack

Eric McCormack is originally from Toronto, Canada. He has a Canadian origin like that of Janet. This similarity between the couple may have been one of the reasons for their connectivity. Hence, the couple got married in Canada itself.

Eric, like Janet, also moved to Los Angles, the entertainment industry capital, in order to find work. Eric, like Janet, belongs to a family of non-celebrities. He worked really hard so as to establish a successful career.

He has worked in movie and TV shows like Joel McHale, The Audrey Hepburn Story, Monk, Trust Me, etc. Show with Joel McHale and many more.

Janet’s husband also has a lot of followers on Instagram and Twitter. This shows that Eric has gained a lot of popularity over time and is one of the reasons behind Janet’s popularity also.

He often posts pictures with Janet and his son Finnigan and is grateful for their presence in life. It is infrequent for such famous people to have a well-settled career and family relationship. One can indeed say that Eric is both a good father and a worthy husband.

Finnigan Holden McCormack with his parents

Janet Holden with her husband and son

Janet Holden’s Children

Eric and Janet became parents to a son on July 1, 2002. They named him Finnigan Holden McCormack. Today Finnigan is about 20 years old and is receiving his higher-level education.

Finnigan, unlike his parents, is not a part of Hollywood. He has a very private life and stays away from the limelight of the media. He is the only child of his parents.

Current Relationship Status

Currently, Janet Holden is happily married to her husband, Eric. It has been more than twenty years since Janet married her husband, and until now, the couples have had a successful and growing relationship.

Janet is not only a perfect wife but also a good mother. Over the years, she has managed both her part as a mother and a filmmaker. Today Janet is not very open about her life updates with the media. She currently prefers to live a private life like her son.

Net Worth of Janet Holden

Since Janet now keeps her life private and does not reveal much, it becomes complicated to estimate her current net worth. She may or may not have other sources of income apart from filmmaking.

However, the fact that Janet and her small family live a lavish life is very actual. Janet is a passionate animal lover; she often works to protect animals. Correctly, Janet’s Husband Eric has a net worth of about 15 to 20 million USD.

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