Who is Harriet Cains? Her biography, family, net worth, relationship, and career

Harriet Cains

Who is Harriet Cains?

Harriet Cains is one of the emerging English actresses. At a young age, Harriet started acting and is now flourishing with flying colors. Harriet has a degree in drama and acting, which makes her professional in her work.

The actress has been part of various renounced series that have made her quite famous today. The actress’s career in acting is not only limited to television and series. She has also been part of many famous short movies.

Harriet Cains is extremely beautiful and has excellent acting skills; these qualities of her have today made her an amazing actress, and she has a long way to go. Harriet has gained a lot of popularity at a young age, which is quite difficult in today’s entertainment industry.

Here are some less-known and vital facts about Harriet’s career and personal life.

Quick bio of Harriet

Full Name Harriet Cains
Date of Birth 17 September 1993
Birth Place England
Nationality British
Profession Actress
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Popular As Bridgerton’s actress
Net Worth 1 million USD- 5 million USD
Current Relationship Status Single
Age 31 as of 2023

Birth and Childhood of Harriet Cains

Harriet Cains came into the world on 17 September 1993. As of 2022, the actress is 31 years old. Harriet was born and brought up in Nottinghamshire in England. She spent most of her childhood in Nottinghamshire itself.

Harriet has kept her family background quite a secret as she has never mentioned the names of her parents or guardians. She does not have a sibling and is the only child of her parents.

Harriet, being born in the United Kingdom, has British citizenship. She belongs to the white race and follows the Christianity religion.

Growing up, Harriet received a lot of love and care from her parents, and today she makes her parents proud with her work in the industry.

Harriet Cains interview on Bridgerton season 2

Education and Skills

There is no exact information on Harriet’s education qualification as of 2022. However, she seems to be an educated woman. She reportedly completed high school at a school in her hometown.
The actress completed her graduation from the United States, for which she had to move out of her hometown. She went to the State University, and that is where she got her degree from.

Her significant subjects still remain unknown as of now. The actress later got attracted to acting and wanted to learn it professionally, for which she joined the Circle Up theatre club and built her skills in acting in three years.

Cains also took part in television workshops so as to develop her skills further.

Harriet Cains

Harriet Cains


The actress built her career from scratch itself and worked really hard in order to create a stable job. Harriet started her career with short movies in the year 2012 and further made it into the television series.

The first-ever role Harriett played was in a short film called the love interest. Further, in the same year, she was cast as Jamie in a short film called Human Beings.
She started receiving roles and opportunities from then on. From receiving a brief role for a single episode in the series name doctor to 4 episodes in Hollyoaks Later, Harriet made a lot of progress in two consecutive years.

The actress has been involved in almost four short films and many television series, which started with minor duration roles and later into long ones.

Some of the actress’s notable works include In the flesh, Marcella, Safehouse, and many more. With changing times and the popularity of Netflix television made, Harriet is interested in working on a Netflix series, and why not audiences use Netflix all over the world.

Bridgerton, a Netflix series launched in the year 2020, became the actress’s very first hyped series. In this series, Harriet plays the role of Philippa Featherington and has played her role in almost eight episodes as of now.

In the year 2022, the second season of Bridgerton is out, which has received a lot of love and appreciation from the audience. This series is a romantic drama and is the recreation of a Novel written by Julia Quinn.

This particular series has been one of the most-watched ones after the Netflix master hit The Squid Game.

Social Media

Harriet Cains has a public account on Instagram with the ID harriet.cains. She is averagely active on her social media accounts.

It seems that the actress made her account only after playing a role in Bridgerton and most of her posts revolve around the series. The actress has only a few posts on her account.
She has about twenty-one thousand followers as of now. The actress has a post dedicated to Luke Newton, who plays the role of Colin Bridgerton in the series, with a caption, “my favorite.”

Current Relationship Status of Harriet Cains

As of 2023, the actress has remained sheltered in her relationships. In one of Harriet’s interviews, she mentioned falling in love with a guy during the filming of one of her short movies.
However, she did not say who the guy was. This movie was shot long ago, and there is no information about the actress dating the same guy as of now.

Harriet Cains maintains her relationship quite well. She often remembers her father and shared some of her memories with him on her Instagram account on the occasion of his birthday.
She seems to be very attached to her family despite her fame which gives a glance to the actress’s down-to-earth character.

Hobbies and skills

Talking about skills, this Bridegerton actress has very good acting skills, which have today made her build a stable career in acting.

She likes to explore new places, and photography gives her a lot of pleasure. She likes to spend her time watching movies and shows but is not into horror ones.

Net Worth of Harriet Cains

The growing actress has been a part of many shows and films as of now; even though she keeps her personal life a secret, the estimated net worth of the actress is about two to five million dollars which is pretty commendable for a new actress.

Harriet Cains has a long way to go, and this is just the start of her long career in the entertainment field.

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