Who is Finley Faith Sehorn? Her bio, parents, age, lifestyle, siblings, and social media

Introduction of Finley Faith Sehorn

Finley Faith Sehorn is a celebrity kid who received massive attention from her birth itself due to her parents, who are celebrities. Finley’s mother (Angie Harmon) is a famous actress, and her father (Jason Sehorn) is a footballer. Finley is in her late teens and is receiving her high-level education.

Finley likes to keep her life entirely private and rarely interacts with media. She is very adorable, and indeed most of her looks come from her mother. Finley has a fantastic family and beautiful sisters.

Finley Faith Sehorn

Finley Faith Sehorn

Being the oldest daughter in the family, Finley received significant attention from the media during her birth. She seems to have a good relationship with both her parents, especially her mother.

Both her sisters are also very close to her. This family of five looked pleased until her parents separated ways. Here are a few updates on her current life situation and the story of her parents.

Quick bio of Finley Faith Sehorn

Full Name Finley Faith Sehorn
Date of Birth October 2003
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Profession Student
Father Jason Sehorn
Mother Angie Harmon
Popular As Angie Harmon’s daughter
Current Relationship Status Single
Age 19
Finley Faith Sehorn with her mother Angie Harmon

Finley Faith Sehorn with her mother Angie Harmon

Birth and Childhood

Finley Faith Sehorn was born in the year 2003, somewhere near mid-October. She was born and brought up in Dallas, US. The exact date of her birth is unknown and was kept private as her parents knew Finley would receive a lot of attention from firth itself.

Even though her parents did not announce the exact date of her birth, they updated their well-wishers and fans that both Finley and her mother were doing well. After a few days after Finley’s birth, her mother’s publicist on social media made this announcement.

The names of Finley’s parents are Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn. Finley later moved to the entertainment capital LA with her parents when she was pretty young.

Finley Faith Sehorn

Finley Faith Sehorn

Her Siblings

Finley Faith Sehorn is the very first child of her parents. She has two younger sisters named Avery Grace Sehorn, who is about two years younger than Finley. Her youngest sister’s name is Emery Sehorn, who is about five years younger than Finley.

Avery came into the world on 22 June 2005 and Grace on 18 December 2008. The three sisters are all charming and are currently receiving education.

One can find the three sisters’ pictures on their mother’s social media. She often posts pictures and updates of her life on her account on Instagram.

Finley Faith Sehorn's family

Finley Faith Sehorn’s family

Education and Career of Finley Faith Sehorn

Currently, Finley Faith Sehorn is receiving her education. Now, according to her age, she must be in a college or University. There is information about the same University she studies at and which subjects she is studying.

According to sources, Finley went to Charlotte Christian School for her higher-level studies. She was also a part of the volleyball team in her high school.

Reportedly, her siblings are also involved in some types of sports. It seems that Jason’s daughters have inherited qualities of sportsmanship from him.

Finley Faith Sehorn‘s parents meet and marriage

Finley’s grandmother was the one who introduced Finley’s mother Angie to Jason when Angie went to watch one of his matches. The couple immediately connected and started dating.

After a year of dating, Jason proposed to Finley’s mother on a show with a live audience. This show was called the tonight show with Jay Leno. The particular episode of the show went viral as Jason proposed to his girlfriend and the couple officially declared their marriage.

The proposal took place in mid of the year 2000. The couple exchanged vows on 9 June 2001 in a simple yet elegant venue in the presence of family and friends. Eventually, after a couple of years, the couple became parents to Finley and later to her sisters.

Her parents Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn

Her parents Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn

Parent’s divorce

This family, which included Jason and Angie and their three daughters together, lived happily in North Carolina and LA for about thirteen years. But Jason could not spend time with his daughters and wife as his work demanded him to stay away from his family.

In a year, he almost spent six to seven months away from home. Angie herself had a well-established career, but as a mother, she had to take care of her daughters, who were relatively young then. She could not leave them at home alone, and Jason stayed away for most of the time.

The coupe once had to face the long-distance problem during Finley’s birth as well when Jason could not be with Angie during the delivery. Even though he arrived as soon as he could make it but it must have indeed been a problem for Angie.

Eventually, Angie felt that Jason became the bread earner, and she took responsibility for her daughters. Initially, she missed Jason but later got used to him not being around.

Finally, the couple mutually decided to separate ways as things were not working between them. Even though the couple did not give the reason for their divorce directly, the situation was well understood by their fans.

Current Situation

Today, Finley Faith Sehorn‘s parents are no longer together. Finley spends most of her time with her mother but has maintained a good relationship with her father as well. As of now, both her parents have settled in with their significant other.

Jason remarried in the year 2017 to Meghann Gundermann, who is a social worker and activist. Finley’s mother, on the other hand, got committed to Greg Vaughan. Jason now has a two-year-old daughter with his current wife, Meghann.

Finley Faith Sehorn

Finley Faith Sehorn

Social Media

Finley Faith Sehorn has a social media account on Instagram. Her account is private and is only available for her close ones. It seems that Finley is not interested in any kind of attention from the media or the public.

However, Finley’s mother has an account that is public. She often posts updates about her and her daughters here. For instance, once, she mentioned Finley fracturing her ankle. Many of her fans were got concerned about Finley then.

Relationship Status

It does not seem that Finley is currently dating anyone. However, she may be dating someone privately.

Net Worth of Finley Faith Sehorn

As mentioned before, Finley Faith Sehorn is currently receiving her education. It does not seem that she has any source of income right now. Currently, she lives a lavish life because of her well-to-do parents, but she obviously has a long way to go in life.

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