Rachael’s daughter Charlotte Easton Gillies bio, age, family, father, siblings, and parents

Introduction of Charlotte Easton Gillies

Charlotte Easton Gillies

Charlotte Easton Gillies

Charlotte Easton Gillies is famous as the daughter of actress Rachael Leigh Cook. Charlotte Easton Gillies is also a renowned kid celebrity, and she was born in America. Daniel Gillies is the father of Charlotte, Thomas H. Cook & Joann Cook are Charlotte’s maternal grandparents, and Ben Cook is her maternal uncle. Her maternal grandfather Thomas H. Cook was a social specialist.

Charlo is the nickname of Charlotte Easton Gillies, and she is a very pretty, beautiful, and innocent baby girl. Her body color is white, her hair color is blonde, and her eye color is dark brown. She is not only the child of her parents. She also has a young brother named Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies, and he is six years old.

Quick Bio of Charlotte Easton Gillies

Full Name Charlotte Easton Gillies
Date of Birth 28th September 2013
Birth Place San Diego, America
Gender Female
Age 10 years (as of 2023)
Mother’s Name & Age Rachael Leigh Cook, 43 Years Old
Father’s Name & Age Daniel Cook, 47 Years Old
Brother’s Name & Age Theodore Vigo Sullivan, 8 years Old
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Dark Brown
Nationality American
Maternal Grandparents’ Name Thomas H. Cook & Joann Cook
Maternal Uncle’s Name Ben Cook

Birth of Charlotte Easton Gillies

Charlotte Easton Gillies was born in San Diego, America, in the USA on 28th September 2013. When Charlotte was in her mother’s ovary, her parents were pleased because it was her first child, and Charlotte was born after nine years of her parent’s wedding. Theodore is the second child of her parents. Now, Charlotte is ten years old as of 2023. The age gap between Charlotte and her brother Theodore is two years.

Charlotte was born in a hospital in San Diego, America. Charlotte’s birth is a special birth for her family. She is a good looking smart girl.

Charlotte Easton Gillies with her-mother Rachael Leigh Cook

Charlotte Easton Gillies with her-mother Rachael Leigh Cook

Charlotte Easton Gillies’s Family Members

The name of Charlotte’s mummy is Rachael Leigh Cook; she is an actress, voice entertainer, and producer as well, and & Daniel is Charlotte’s daddy. He is also an actor, screenwriter, and producer, and both are hard workers for their works. Daniel is a New Zealand citizen born in Canada.

Now, Rachael is about 43 years old & Daniel is about 47 years old. Charlotte’s maternal grandfather, Thomas, was a social specialist, and many years ago, he was a professional comedian, and her maternal grandmother is Joann Cook. Her younger brother is Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies. And also, Charlotte is the niece of Ben Cook. Everyone in her family is very cool about Charlotte.

Relationship Between Her Parents, ‘Rachael & Daniel’

Daniel Gillies & Rachael Leigh Cook

Daniel Gillies & Rachael Leigh Cook

Rachael and Daniel’s relationship started in 2001 during a movie, they dated for three long years, and then they decided to marry each other. Finally, in 2004 they married, they loved each other madly, they spent many times in their relationship and decided to have a baby.

After a long time, in 2013, they had a baby girl named Charlotte. Charlotte was born after nine years of her parent’s wedding. When Racheal was pregnant, the couple was very happy because Charlotte was the first child of her parents. And after two years, they had one more baby named Theodore.

Similarly, they love each other, but suddenly, in June 2019, the news was spreading in the media: ‘ Rachael and Daniel decided to separate each other. When Charlotte and her brother Theodore were informed of her parent’s separation, they cried badly and were emotionally broken.

After the divorce, the custody of their child (Charlotte and Theodore) are almost to her mother, Rachael, but Daniel is still playing the role of her caring father. From time to time, Daniel met his children, Charlotte and Theodore.

Net Worth

Charlotte Easton Gillies doesn’t have her own assets as she is a kid, but she has been shown in many movies and TV shows. Also, she is among many undertakings that are ‘Josie and The Pussycats‘, ‘Discernment,’ and many others. She is shown in many music recordings like; ‘Kiss Me,’ Youthful Dumb and Broke,’ ‘Dressed to Kill’ and ‘Love You Lately.’ She is also playing the role of the voice of many characters in many series like; ‘Tifa Lockhart,’ ‘Last Fantasy,’ ‘Robert Chicken,’ etc.

Her mother, Rachael, has about $5 Million in assets, and she is the proprietor of Ben’s Sister Production, which is a creative organization. Rachael is shown in movies, TV shows, and functioning stars. She is also a star and she is also a filmmaker/producer.

Her father, Daniel, has about $3 Million in his assets. He is a good entertainer. He is shown in movies and TV shows like; ‘Insect Man 2’, ‘The Originals’, ‘The Vampire Diaries, ‘Into the West’ and many others. A famous movie, ‘Broken Kingdom’ was composed and coordinated by him. After their separation, they still collect their assets together, and it is about $8 Million because it is very profitable for them.

Family Environment

Charlotte Easton Gillies’s family environment is very clean and peaceful because she has a loving, all-caring mother and father. Charlotte’s maternal grandparents are also taking care of her and her brother. Charlotte’s family is reputed and educated in society.

Charlotte Easton Gillies is a pretty girl who has a great bond between her and her family members. Her every expectation is fulfilled by her family. Her parents are still friendly with each other for their children.

Social Media

Charlotte Easton Gillies has no social media account. Other people also handle her Wikipedia. She has no Facebook account, and no Instagram account; she is too young to handle her social media account. Many of her fans share her update and activity on social media. Recently, she was shown with her mother, Rachael, on Netflix’s premiere.

Major Shorts of Charlotte Easton Gillies

  • Charlotte Easton Gillies is a kid celebrity who was born in America on 28th September 2013.
  • Her mother’s name is Rachael Leigh Cook, and her father’s name is Daniel Gillies; her younger brother’s name is Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies.
  • Charlotte’s maternal grandfather name is Thomas H. Cook was a social specialist, and her maternal grandmother’s name is Joann Cook.
  • Her parents married on 14th August 2004 and separated in June 2019.
  • Her father is an actor, producer, and screenwriter & her mother is also an actress, producer, and model.
  • Her father, Daniel, was shown in many TV shows; ‘Insect Man 2’, ‘Into The West,’ ‘The Originals, and many others.
  • Charlotte worked on music recordings like; Kiss Me, ‘Love You Lately’, ‘Dressed to Kill,’ and others.
  • Charlotte has no social media account.
  • Her father’s net worth is nearly $3 million, and her mother’s net worth is nearly $5 million, but they collect together.
  • Her family is all caring and loving.
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