Who is Gwen McTavish?

Introduction of Gwen McTavish

Gwen McTavish has been a part of the entertainment industry for a long time but only gained the limelight when she became Mrs. Mc Tavish. Gwen always kept her life private, both before and after her marriage.

Gwen is a professional filmmaker, her work mostly kept her behind the scenes, and it seems like she is a very private person who likes to keep her life moments to herself.

However, marrying a celebrity whose work is very glamorous made Gwen’s life public. Even though she does not prefer to reveal much of her goings, the media and the public are always very interested in knowing Gwen’s whereabouts.

Gwen McTavish has a good personality and unique looks. She could easily make it to the movies if it were for her looks.

Even though most people think that Gwen’s life only revolves around her husband and his fame, there is a lot she has achieved by herself, which makes her an independent woman. Here is a dive into Gwen’s personal as well as professional life.

Full Name Gwen Mc Tavish
Date of Birth Unknown
Birth Place London
Nationality British
Profession Filmmaker
Husband Graham Mc Tavish
Children Two
Net Worth Unknown
Current Relationship Status Married
Popular As Mc Tavish’s wife

Birth and Childhood of Gwen McTavish

Mrs. Mc Tavish was born in the capital city of Englan. She, however, spent most of her childhood and early life in New Zealand.

Gwen easily hides her childhood and family background as she was not very famous earlier. Getting married to her actor husband made people curious about Gwen. Till now, Gwen has never spoken about her family background or her parents. She may or may not have a sibling.

Reportedly, Gwen’s mother was a single mom. She was an artist, and she was the reason behind Gwen’s interest in art and filmmaking. Seven-Up also inspired Gwen.
Gwen’s good and stable career, one could easily predict that Gwen is an educated woman. She has received a degree in communication and television documentaries from a well-known university called Auckland University Of Technology.

Career of Gwen McTavish

After completing her education, Gwen returned back to London to build a career from scratch. This was when she met her future husband Mc Tavish, who suggested that she move to the entertainment capital to find work and set a career in filmmaking.

Mrs. Mc Tavish is a great director and producer from New Zealand. Reportedly, she has directed many movies there, and some of them have done well. There is no exact information about the film she has directed, but the fact that she is a good professional director is very actual.

Mc Tavish gained many spots of light after her marriage to her famous husband, Graham Mc McTavish. The journey to Mrs. from Miss made Gwen renowned overnight. She surely must not have expected the hype her existence got.


Just like how Gwen likes, the couple kept their marriage ceremony very private. It is hard to believe, but the couple has managed to keep their marriage date and month a secret until today.
The couple’s relationship is very private. They are very rarely spotted in public together or even at interviews. One can see kind of few pictures and mention of Gwen on Mr. Mc Tavish’s social media account.

Gwen McTavish

Gwen McTavish and her husband Graham Mc McTavish

The private the couple’s relationship, the stronger it is. The couple has completed almost thirty years together, which is indeed not a small number. The couple truly does have a perfect understanding.

Such a couple with such long years of togetherness is very scarce in today’s world, especially when it comes to the glamour world. The couple is very blessed when it comes to both wealth and love.


Reportedly, the couple is parents to two daughters. Their daughters’ names are Honor and Hope. Honor is the couple’s firstborn, whereas Hope is their youngest child.

Honor, their eldest daughter has, made her debut in the movies at the young age of fifteen. She wants to become an actor just like that her father. In many of his interviews, Gwen’s husband has mentioned that he is very possessive of his daughters, and they are the reason he wants to live.

He also mentioned the fact that Honor making it into the movies was something that really concerned him as he had always kept his daughters away from the limelight. He further added that no matter what career path his daughters choose, he will always be by their side and support them no matter what.

Both Honor’s and Hope’s relationship with their parents is excellent until today. One may indeed see more of Honor’s work in the movies shortly. Her very first role was in the sequel of the film “An Unexpected Journey,” which did pretty well and well.

Graham’s rumored controversy

Graham is part of an amazingly well-doing series named “Outlander.” In the series, he portrays the character called Jacobite Dougal, who gets killed by another character named Jamie Fraser.
Sam Heughan, who has been friends with Graham for almost nine years, plays the character of Jamie. In an Instagram live the costars were found drinking wine and interacting with their fans.
This was when Sam mentioned that Graham and Sam have been living together and will no longer hide their relationship. Graham totally agreed with Sam and said that it was a start to their beautiful relationship.

This live went viral on the internet, and many fans raised the question about Graham’s sexuality. However, it seems that Graham did not expect that a small joke would receive massive attention from the media.

There has been no confirmation from Graham or Sam about their statement, and they clearly seem to be joking.

Social Media

Gwen Issac or Mrs. Mc Tavish is not available on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. As mentioned earlier, Gwen likes to keep her life very private. She may or may not have a personal account for her close family and friends.

Net worth of Gwen McTavish

It is very tough to predict Gwen McTavish’s net worth as she keeps her life private. However, she indeed makes good money from her career as a Filmmaker.

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