Who is Annette Evertson? Her bio, career, childhood, husband, relationship and net worth

Introduction of Annette Evertson

Annette Evertson with her ex husband Shawn Bradley

Annette Evertson with her ex-husband Shawn Bradley

We have often seen and heard of people getting famous due to their celebrity husbands and wives working in the entertainment industry, mostly Hollywood.

The case remains the same when it comes to players as well. Many players’ wives and husbands get famous as their significant other is a well-known sports personality.

Annette Evertson is one such celebrity wife who gained massive attention from the media as well as the public due to her Marriage to a famous basketball player.

Even though Annette personally wants to keep her life private and does not want the public’s attention. It is very tough to make it possible once you decide to marry a celebrity.

Annette is a very adorable and sweet lady. She has a beautiful family even though she divorced her celebrity husband. Here are a few facts about Annette Everson and her current life situation.

Quick Bio of Annette Evertson

Full Name Annette Evertson
Date of Birth 1978
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Profession Unknown
Ex-Husband Shawn Bradley
Children Six
Popular As Shawn Bradley’s ex-wife
Current Relationship Status Single
Age 45

Annette Evertson’s Birth and Childhood

Annette Evertson was born and brought up in America and hence has American citizenship. She is an Aries which means she is born in the month of March or April.

The exact date of her birth remains unrevealed. Annette belonged to a family of commoners where her parents were ordinary citizens of America. She is a part of the white race group.

Since Annette Evertson got almost all of her popularity after her Marriage, there is minimal information regarding her childhood and early life. The name of Evertson’s parents is unknown. She may or may not have a sibling.

Education and Career

Annette Evertson must have received her primary as well as higher-level education as she seems to be an educated and qualified lady. However, she may or may not have received her university-level education.

There is no detail of which school or major subjects the celebrity wife studied. Evertson must be into one profession or the other as she is very independent and strong. However, Evertson’s exact source of money and occupation remains hidden until now.

Love Story and Marriage

Annette Evertson is married to a formal NBA player Shawn Bradley who has a huge fan following. The exact place where Evertson and Shawn met is unknown, but the fact that the couple fell in love with one another at first glance is very actual.

Annette Evertson with her ex husband Shawn Bradley

Annette Evertson with her ex husband Shawn Bradley

The couple’s relationship was not very private as Evertson and Bradley were often spotted together in public. Evertson often used to wait outside Bradley’s practice court so as to meet him after the practice.

The couple gained a lot of limelight when they were found dating, especially Evertson. The couple looked very adorable together. However, the height difference between the couple was huge.

Bradley is a giant; he has a height of about seven feet and two inches. On the other side, Everson has a decent height of about five feet and four inches. In fact, Bradley is one of the tallest players NBA has ever had.

This considerable height difference between the couple became the central topic of talk in the media and among the public. It is very often that couples are judged due to differences between their height, age, caste, religion, race, etc.

But in the end, the only thing that matters is the loyalty and love between the couple, and as the love between Evertson and Bradley was strong, they made their way to Marriage.

Finally, after many years of dating, the couple got married on the 25th of September 1993. Their wedding was a low-key one in which few of their friends and close family members were invited.

The couple looked really good together, and the difference in their height did not lead to differences in their love for each other.


Bradley and Evertson are together parents to six children. Their kids’ names are Chance, Cheyenne, Chase, Chelsea, Charity, Ciera. It is undoubtedly not a coincidence that all their kids’ names start from the letter” C.” The couple must have indeed planned it together.

Annette Evertson with her ex-husband Shawn Bradley and their children

Annette Evertson with her ex-husband Shawn Bradley and their children

Giving all their kids’ names beginning from the letter C is certainly very adorable. The couple’s kids are currently receiving their education, whereas a few of them may be setting their careers.


Unfortunately, the couple got a divorce in the year 2018. The couple’s divorce news shocked their fans and well-wishers as the couple was together for many years and had six kids together.

Both Bradley and Evertson did not reveal the reason behind the split up. After the divorce, Annette Evertson took custody of her children. However, it seems that Bradley still mentions a healthy relationship with his children, who are all relatively young.

Current Situation

As of now, the couple has never been seen together in public after the divorce. Evertson, who tried to keep her life private even while dating Bradley, is now living a very sheltered life away from all the media attention.

There are no rumors of her marrying or dating another man. She is a strong mother of six and lives a good life somewhere in the US.
On the other hand, Shawn Bradley decided to remarry after the divorce. He has currently legally married Carrie Cannon, who had three children from her previous relationship.

Bradley adopted all her three kids and looked after them along with Carrie. This family of five is quite adorable; Bradley often posts pictures with his three kids and lives a happy life as of 20022. Both Carrie and Bradley are very active on social media.

Unfortunately, in the very first month of 2022, Bradley was injured in a car accident. This happened when a woman driving a car hit Bradley, who was cycling down the street.

The accident led to paralysis of his entire body below his chest area. Bradley is now not able to walk or make any motion. He spent about six months in the hospital, and throughout the six months, his current wife and his three children were his backbones. Bradley mentioned that he misses being able to move and do things.

Social Media and Net worth of Annette Evertson

Annette Evertson is not open on social media platforms. Her net worth cannot be estimated as she keeps her life very private and secret. However, it is sure that she will live a comfortable and good life.

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