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Victoria Scott D’Angelo Introduction

Victoria Scott D’Angelo is the full name of American actress Victoria. She made it to the world on 5th June 1964 in Pennsylvania, USA. She became a part of the American entertainment world as she joined the entertainment industry in 1985 and gained a lot of popularity and love from the audience.

One of the movies in which Victoria acted as Witness. In this movie, she was portrayed as a detective, which was adored by the audience. And hence the film became a good start to Victoria’s career as an actress.

Victoria Scott D’Angelo's

American Actress Victoria Scott D’Angelo

Another movie she became a part of was the Hidden Agenda in 1990. In this movie, she played the role of a journalist, and this was most probably the first movie she played a role for.

Victoria gained more limelight when she married Chuck Yeager, who is an officer in the United States air force. Chuck Yeager is very good with his flying skills and is a record-breaker in the sound barrier.

Quick overview of Victoria Scott D’Angelo

Full Name Victoria Scott D’Angelo
Date of Birth 5th June 1964
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Husband Chuck Yeager
Children None
Net Worth 2-3 million USD
Current Relationship Status Married
Age 59

Childhood and Birth of Victoria Scott D’Angelo

Even though Victoria’s actual birth date and age are not extremely clear, but reportedly the date of her birth is near 5th June 1964. This means Victoria is most likely to be in her fifties. Victoria originally belongs to the United States itself, and hence her nationality is American. She is most probably an Aries or Aquarius.

From childhood itself, Victoria wanted to become an actress and work in the entertainment industry since she was very young. For the same, she decided to go to an acting school. She earned an acting and theater degree from the University of Virginia in 1980. She also got a business degree from Columbia University.

Victoria was a lucky girl as she grew up in a privileged family. Her family could afford all living expenses and everything she ever wanted.

Family of Victoria Scott D’Angelo

Victoria’s father’s name is George Anthony, and her mother’s name is Antonia. Her father was a well-known lawyer, and her mother was an active social worker back in the day. There is not much information about victoria’s brother or sister as Victoria never mentioned them.

Relationship Status of Victoria Scott D’Angelo

Victoria married Chuck Yeager in the year 2003. They met each other on vacation to Los Angeles. Both of them were hiking and hence met each other. The couple fell in love and soon married after dating for a couple of years.

However, the fact Victoria and Yeager had a huge age gap of 35 years gave rise to many questions in the mind of people. Yeager had four kids from his first marriage, which lasted about 45-years. Victoria became the mother of those four kids, and the couple did not have kids of their own.

Allegations on Victoria

The four kids of Yeager accused Victoria. They accused her of marrying their father for riches because they thought that victoria would not marry a man who is 35 years old just for the sake of love. The children also said that Victoria had influenced and brainwashed Yeager (their father) so as to get married and get all his money and power.

However, Yeager did not agree with his kids and backfired them by accusing them of taking a lot of money from his account and holding. He also accused them of attacking Victoria as Yeaser’s children were scared of the fact that Victoria would get a large share of his money.

This case lasted for long years in California Court. After all the court and lawyer’s research, it was found that Victoria’s stepdaughter Susan was guilty and had crossed her limits as a trustee.

Death of her husband, Chuck Yeager

Victoria’s husband, Chuck Yeager, died due to cancer in 2020. He was almost 97 years old during the time of his death. Chuck Yeager died in the afternoon in a hospital in Los Angeles; the news was confirmed by victoria through her Twitter handle.

Before a few days of his death, he described what was going on in his mind. He said that although he had grown all his four children very well, they were betrayers. All they wanted was his money after his death and fought with Victoria as they were scared that all of Yeager’s property and bank balance would be that of Victoria.

When Victoria came into his picture, he said that she was perfect and he was lucky to have her in his life. Overall, even if Yeager’s kids did not support him in his last days, Yeager was happy and grateful to have Victoria in his last days.

Career and Net worth of Victoria Scott D’Angelo

Victoria was very enthusiastic in order to become a well-recognized actress in Hollywood without thinking of any consequences. After hustling, she did get a few roles but could not make too many movies. She also often tried to go to socialization events to make contacts and hence get a part offered.

Despite having a well-known degree in acting and business, Victoria seemed unemployed and looked for opportunities, which was one reason people targeted her as a gold digger. She was given the title of “queen of wannabes” as she was crazy to establish a promising acting career.
Victoria has an estimated net worth of 2-3 million USD.

Many court cases revolved around Victoria, after and some before her marriage. However, this also showed that Victoria never let anyone suppress her and always spoke up for her rights no matter what. The fact that she tried to leave no stones unturned to establish her career in acting shows her determination in life.

Social Media

Victoria is not at all active in the world of social media and does not own any public account on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, even though these are some of the very commonly used social media sites.

Victoria Scott D’Angelo’s Hobbies

Victoria is a great actress and very good with her acting skills. She likes to listen to music and travel from one place to another. Her favorite color is blue. She has a great fashion sense as well.

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