Veronika Rajek’s Bio, Husband, Net Worth, Social Media and Relationship with Tom Bardy

Introduction of Veronika Rajek

Veronika Rajek is a Famous model and influencer. Her birthday was on the 20th of February, 1996. As of 2023, she is 27 years old. Veronika’s birthplace is in Bratislava, Slovakia, and she currently resides in Vienna, Austria. Her nationality is Slovakian, and her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Veronika is famous as an influencer on Instagram and has 5.6 million followers. As she wrote in her bio, she is currently the brand ambassador for renowned brands like Fashionova. She also modeled for other brands, including Dolce& Gabanna.

Fashionova is a famous American fast fashion retail company that sells different kinds of clothes at affordable prices. Fashinova itself has more than 16 million followers on Instagram. It is LA based retail store that’s famous for affordable streetwear.

Veronika Rajek

Veronika Rajek

Veronika Rajek’s Early Life, Childhood, and Education

Veronika Rajek was born in the beautiful city of Bratislava, also Slovakia’s capital, in 1996. As of 2023, she is currently 27 years old. She follows Judaism, and her nationality is Slovakian. Her parent’s name is unknown. She grew up in a vibrant city that helped shape her future.

Veronika has completed her schooling at VBM Koice and Portove Gymnasium, Koice. She then joined the Institute of Vzdelavania Poradenstva and completed her master’s degree in Business Administration.

At the age of 16, she modeled and competed in the beauty pageants like Miss Summer 2015 and Miss Slovakia 2016. She has been in the spotlight since then for her looks and work. She uses her spotlight to speak her mind. She also constantly mentions NFL star Tom Brady as her crush.

Veronika Rajek

Veronika Rajek

Veronika Rajek’s Love for Tom Brady

If you know Veronika, then you must have seen her love for NFL player Tom Brady. She constantly shows her love and support for Tom Brady on her Insta page. Tom Brady is a very famous American former player who played in the NFL for 23 seasons.

Her love for Tom Brady made her fans suspect they might be dating. But, it is not true as she is enjoying her healthy married life with her husband, Viktor Rajek. She constantly shares posts and shows her love and appreciation for Tom Brady.

NFL player Tom Brady

NFL player Tom Brady

She even mentioned in one of her captions, saying who doesn’t love him? Even his hater has no choice but to love and admire him. Yes, he is my crush. You can see her fangirling over Tom Brady. She even calls him goat with due respect.

Is Veronika Rajek married?

Sadly, yes, the famous model and influencer is married. She is maintaining healthy marriage with the love of her life, her husband, Viktor Rajek. They got married in 2019 after being in a happy relationship with each other. As of 2023, it’s been four years.

There were rumors regarding the separation of Veronika and Viktor, but the news has not been confirmed yet. Recently, she has not shared personal stories with her husband, so fans speculated that they might’ve been separated. As an influencer, Veronika has been in the limelight, so it’s normal for her not to post her personal life as it might affect their daily activities.

Veronika Rajek’s Husband

Veronika Rajek, a famous influencer with millions of followers, is not single anymore. She has been married to the love of her life, Viktor Rajek. Viktor and Veronika got married in 2019, and it’s been four years as of 2023. They do not have any children.

Viktor Rajek is an athlete and entrepreneur popular for participating in the 2006 Winter Olympics. He used to be an Olympic bobsledder. But he retired and opened a restaurant called Bier and Bierli in Vienna, Austria. It is popular among the locals due to continental as well as intercontinental dishes.

They were madly in love with each other before getting married. Some fans even say they envy her because she gets to marry the person she loves wholeheartedly. I mean, who will not envy her as one should be lucky enough to marry the person she is madly in love with. They have maintained their healthy relationship to date.

Veronika’s past getting Bullied and Body Shaming

One must think that since she is charming and pretty, her life might’ve been easy, but it is far from reality. In the past, she was bullied and body shamed by people, as she mentioned that she was very thin and tall.

Among her other friends, she was very tall, so others bullied her in the past, calling her skinny. Veronika Rajek mentioned that now everyone thinks she is beautiful, so she gets everything easily and bullies her, but being beautiful was why she had to face such hardships in life.

As she is grown up, her height and charming body made her shine more and helped her get into modeling and Beauty Pageant. Now, she is a confident woman that has proved everyone wrong and made envious of

Veronika Rajek

Veronika Rajek

Veronika proving her haters Wrong

Veronika is a famous influencer and has constantly been in the eye of the public, so it’s normal to have fans and haters as well. In the past, she faced constant bullying and people body-shaming her. Veronika mentioned that her beauty is the reason that made her life even worse. She asked, Why there’s discrimination just because you’re different from others? Why does it matter whether you are pretty or ugly, skinny or fat?

She also asked if it is acceptable for others to judge her just because of how she looks. Some called her alien and skinny, and someone even said that Veronika had a breast enlargement. There’s a limit to everything, so she finally proved them wrong by posting the sonogram with the doctor’s statement.

Veronika Rajek doesn’t like to return to her Hometown

On the “Pillow Talk” podcast, Veronika Rajek said that she doesn’t want to return to Slovakia because her upbringing in Slovakia was very strict. Slovakian people are not open-minded about girls and the clothes they wear. She even mentioned that they might badmouth her due to her profession.

As an influencer, she has to promote the different brands on her social media and show off her body, and in Slovakia, such a profession is considered scandalous.

She is more comfortable being in America as there’s freedom for her. She can do what she wants to do and can dress up in any wear she is comfortable too. Maybe, Veronika wants to visit her Hometown, but due to unwanted judgment and people badmouthing her, she is not comfortable returning.

Veronika Rajek

Veronika Rajek

Veronika Rajek’s Height and Weight

Veronika is a very tall and slim model figure with a pretty face. Her height measurement is 5 ft 11 inches. As of 2023, she weighs around 36-24-36 inches.

Does she have children?

Veronica Rajek has been married to Viktor Rajek in 2019. As of 2023, the couple does not have any children but must have a plan to be parents in the future.

Social Media

Veronika Rajek has been active on Instagram since 2014. Her Insta ID is @Veronikarajek. Her account was verified in February 2022, with around 5.6 million followers. She shares her photos on Instagram with different brands that she is promoting.

Net worth

Veronika is a famous model and influencer, so most of her earnings are from promoting different brands. As of 2023, she has a net worth between 2-5 million dollars. One must pay $5 monthly to see the unique and exclusive content she shares only on OnlyFans Page.

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