Who is Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies?

Introduction of Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies

Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies is popularly known as the offspring of well-known American star model Rachael Leigh Cook and famous Newzealand actor and film producer Daniel Joshua Gillies. The star kid took birth on 4th April 2015, in the United States. The little boy is an Iris-Scottish-Italian-English ethnic boy with brown eyes and dark brown hair. He has a sibling as an elder sister whose name is Charlotte Easton. She was born in April 2013. Both are having a luxurious childhood as they took birth on the house of star actors. Sullivan’s eyes look identical to their parents.

Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies with his parents

Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies with his parents

Quick bio of Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies

Full Name Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies
DOB 4th April 2015
Birth Place USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Italian-Iris_-Scottish-English
Profession Student
Father Daniel Joshua Gillies
Mother Rachael Leigh Cook
Siblings 1
Sister 1
Age 8 years (as of 2023)

Why Theodore has a strange name?

There is an interesting story regarding his name, Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies. When he was born, his father and mother were unsure about his character. Daniel and Rachael took four days to select his name. They wanted their kid’s name to be unique and significant, and they searched more than 700 names to find his real name.

Finally, his mother, Rachael, liked the term ‘Sullivboys,’ but his father suggested her four-word name as he was born on the fourth day of the fourth month, and after four days, they named their kid ‘Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies.` The couple stated that they call him ‘Sweetheart,` ‘Rasin‘ or ‘Calcified alien.’ Sullivan is 3 feet tall child and currently an Us citizen. He studies in a Montessori as he is just seven years old.

Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies with her mother Rachael Leigh Cook

Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies with his mother Rachael Leigh Cook


About Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies’s mother, Rachael

Rachael Leigh Cook, the kid’s mother, is a favorite American model and actor. She is popularly known for different blockbuster hit movies. Selectors launched her on the Cover page for ‘For Him Magazines. On 4th October 1979, Thomas Howard Cook and JoAnn Cook got blessed with a baby girl, Rachael. Her father was a standup comedian, while her mother was a cooking instructor.

Rachael Leigh Cook

Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies’s mother Rachael Leigh Cook

As an actor, she started giving auditions for different movies at 14. After many failures, she got selected for ‘The Baby Sitter` in 1995. This movie taught her to back her abilities on set. After this movie, Rachael introduced acting skills and the potential career in acting to everyone. The star actress also did adventurous movies like ‘Tom and Huck` in the same year.

She played in different short movies like ’26 Summer Street`. She got a leading character in a film named ‘Country Justice.` She achieved a young star award, MTV movie award, young Hollywood Award, and other recognition. She did the movie ‘The Romantic Comedy` as her financially most successful movie. She was a CoverGirl for Us-March/April of ‘For Him Magazine. She also gave her time in Music videos without overthinking of risk of decreasing her fame by playing music videos.

She was ranked no. 26 in Stuff magazine’s “102 sexiest women in the world“. She also experimented with herself as a voice artist. The star actress gave her voice for Chelsea Cunningham on kids’ Wb.` She also has a production company named “Ben’s sister Production.” The production company’s name is in memory of her brother Ben. He was a very talented filmmaker and cinematographer. She also released the movie Love Guaranteed, which got its first appearance on Netflix starting this 20s decade.

About Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies’s Father Daniel Joshua Gillies

Daniel Joshua Gillies, the little boy’s dad, is a Canadian-born Newzealand actor and filmmaker. God gifted him on 14th March 1976 to his parents. Daniel took birth in a medical family where his father was a pediatrician while his mother was a nurse.

The family lived in Canada at the time of delivery of Daniel. When he was five, the family returned to New Zealand, where their forefathers lived. Daniel was a very passionate thinker of the movie. He started his acting career from the production company named Auckland Theater Company.

Daniel Joshua Gillies

Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies’s father Daniel Joshua Gillies

The star also got opportunities to appear on television shows and dramas. At this time, he realized that he was limited to only Newzeland. He wanted to take the challenging risk. Leaving his performances, he went to Sydney for the more significant opportunities. He made himself able to play movies like Bride and Prejudice, Spiderman, Master of Horror, and many others.

His career-best film was ‘The Vampire Diaries` as Elijah Mikaelson. Daniel’s life-changing movie, True blood; Many other superstars always appreciate his acting skills other superstars always enjoy his acting skills.

Family Relations between Mom and Dad

The star actor-actress pair started dating each other in 2001. According to some websites, the couple met each other at a Celebrity party. Both were well established in their field, gaining many names and fame. After three years of knowing each other, the lovebirds finally started a new beginning of life, marrying in 2004 on 8th August. Two kids blessed them; daughter in 2013 and son in 2015.

The family relations were not a matter of discussion until June 2019, as the couple decided to terminate their relationship as a husband and wife. They announced this news from their respective Instagram account.

Daniel was shooting in Newzealand for his movie at that time. After breaking 15 years of their marriage, their fans and followers were sad, and Haters posted lots of hatred regarding their decision. They also requested not to spread a hateful message about them as they divorced themselves with mutual understanding. The leading cause of Divorce of such a lovely couple is still not recognized. Although the couple doesn’t live together, they’ve provided a suitable environment for their kids.

Net worth

The kid Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies is seven years old. So, he is a student. His mother, Rachael, has more than 5 million dollars, while his father has approximately 3 Million dollars. The couple is no more husband and wife, but they are excellent friends. For proper family setup for their offspring, they’ve decided to provide a parental environment as these are the age of family love for the kids. They have also made themselves available to their kids.

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