Saxon Musk’s Bio, Parents, Siblings, Education, Net Worth and Social Media

Introduction of Saxon Musk

Saxon Musk is the son of the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, having a net worth of 217 billion dollars. Saxon was born on January 1, 2006, and is 17 years old as of 2023.

Saxon Musk

Saxon Musk

His upbringing cannot be ordinary since he was born in the richest man’s house. He has lived a very luxurious life. Since birth, he has been exposed to various worldwide cultures and experiences. He is living in an environment that promotes creativity and new invention.

None of his siblings, including Saxon Musk, is active on social platforms. His life has been private as other high profile family’s children. So, it is normal for him as it can affect their daily activities.


Altogether, Saxon Musk has nine other siblings. Five of them include Saxon from his parents Elon and Justine and others from his Father’s relations from different women.

He had an older sibling named Nevada Alexander. He was the first beloved child of Elon and Justine, but soon after his birth, he passed away due to Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). If he were alive today, he would have grown up to be 21 years old. He also has two older brothers named Griffin and Vivian(twins).

Saxon is a triplet child with his two brothers, Kai and Damian. As of 2023, all three of them are 17 years old.

Saxon with his brothers Kai, Damian, Griffin

Saxon with his brothers Kai, Damian and Griffin

After the divorce of Elon and Justine, his Father, Elon, married Talulah Riley twice. Elon and Talulah Riley got married in 2010, divorced in 2012, and then again married in 2013 and divorced in 2016.

After his divorce from Talulah Riley, he was in a relationship with a famous singer, Grimes. They eventually married in May 2018 and welcomed their first baby in May 2020, named X AE A-XII. Soon after that, they announced the first baby girl, Exa Dark Sidarael, with the help of surrogacy, blessed them.

Saxon’s Father also had a Twin baby with Shivon Zilies, director of operations at Neuralink. They were born just two weeks before his second child, Exa, with Grimes. They have not revealed the names of the twins yet.

Saxon Parents, their marriage, and separation

Elon Musk, the Father of Saxon Musk, is a very famous billionaire entrepreneur. He was born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, South Africa. As of 2023, he is 52 years old. Elon Musk’s vision and leadership have made him successful.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

As of 2023, he has a net worth of 217 billion dollars. He has contributed to the advancement of technologies and space. He is also the CEO of Tesla Motors till this date.

Elon is also the founder of Space X. Before Tesla and Space X, he has also developed many services such as Zip2 and But Tesla and Space X was the one that made him famous globally.

Justine Wilson, the mother of Saxon Musk, is a famous Canadian author. She was born on September 2, 1972, in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. As of 2023, she has a net worth of 3 million dollars.

In 2005, Justine published her first novel, Penguin Books. Two years later, she also published her second novel, Uninvited. She also has released some short stories.


Justine Wilson

Justine Wilson

Both Justine and Elon attended the same University, Queen’s University, in Ontario, Canada. They first met at that university, and Elon started to pursue her. Elon Musk didn’t stop pursuing her despite her rejections. So, she had no other option but to accept the dinner proposal with him.

Elon and Justine were already separated by the end of their graduation. Later, Justine also moved to Japan to teach English. Justine has a degree in English Literature.

One year later, she returned to Canada and began bartending. After a week, she reconnected with Elon and shifted to California to stay with him. They married in 2000 and were blessed with a little child, Nervada Alexander, who sadly passed away. He had a sudden death due to Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

In 2004, the couple was blessed with Vivian and Griffin twin babies. Again, in 2006, they welcomed the triplets- Kai, Saxon, and Damian.

Elon and Justine got divorced and parted ways in 2008. Both of them are co-parenting their child together even after their separation.


Since he is the son of a billionaire, one must guess that he attends some distinguished schools, but this is not true. Saxon and his other siblings attend Ad Astra school, which his Father, Elon Musk, established. It comes under the Space X organization.

Not anyone can study in that institution; children who possess unique talents and whose parents work for Space X can study there. This school focuses on shaping children’s futures by providing an environment of creativity and critical thinking. This school only focuses on applied science, coding, AI, and design.

Future career

Being a son of Billionaire Saxon had the good opportunity of exposure to different experiences, innovations, and technologies. His upbringing has been in an environment promoting creative ideas and innovation.

Saxon Musk might follow his Father’s steps in the future, or he might choose his own route. His future career has yet to be decided, but he has good opportunities ahead.

Social Media

As of 2023, Saxon Musk is not active on any social media. One can only see him when his family shares the picture. He has garnered many people’s attention due to his family background.

Net worth

Saxon Musk’s net worth is unknown till today. His Father has a net worth of 217 billion dollars, so he will surely get part of his properties in the future.

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