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Rocky Parker

Actress Rocky Parker

Introduction of Rocky Parker

Rocky Parker is an American entertainer who was born in 1940 in Brooklyn, USA. She is also known as Rochelle Parker in the USA, and the zodiac sign of Parker is Pieces.

Rocky had a great childhood with Bernard Parker (father) and Shirley Parker (mother) in Hopkinson Avenue, USA. In 1949, they shifted to Queens, USA, where she got higher education in Martin Buren High School. Rockey Parker died at the age of 74 in 2014 from lung and gorge disease.


Quick Bio of Rocky Parker

Name Rocky Parker
Date of Birth 1940, February 26
Place of birth Brooklyn, New York
Profession Actress
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blond
Zodiac Sign Pieces
Reason of death Cancer
Number of relationships 3 marriages and one dating
Date of Death 2014, April 19

Physical Appearance of Rocky Parker

A white American Lady, Rocky Parker, was taller (5 feet 5 inches) with around 55 kg weight. She had Blond hair, and her pretty pair of brown eyes was a plus point to her beauty. Her personality was always adorable, and she was gorgeous in and out.

How did Parker get interested in acting?

Shirley Parker, Rocky’s mother, was the most remarkable artist in some popular cinemas like ‘Mission Mars’ and ‘The Minx.’ Parker got concerned in drama as she was surrounded by people related to filmy background. She was there with her mother, Shirley, during her practice session.

Watching Broadway shows pulled her attention to acting very quickly. Her family and mother’s friends were mostly from movie backgrounds, and some were personalities. She wore some model outfits, found them fascinating, and desired to dress like them on stage.

Marcy Wudarski with her son Michael Gandolfini

Patrick Dempsey and Rocky Parker (Source: Getty Images)

Rocky Parker’s acting career

Rocky started her acting profession at the age of 17. She tried some model clothes deliberated by her aunt and found it remarkable to wear designer clothes and act on stage.

At first, she interviewed for a show at her high school and got selected. But her mother denied her participation because of the travel distance from her home to her practice place.

She started her journey by modeling in ‘True Romance’ in the 1950s. Parker also did some ads for print. She became pretty famed in modeling line and did her very 1st play working together with ‘The Company,’ where she acted as imposter’s fraud by Susan Batson. After the act’s success, she got a chance to perform in theater acts like ‘Miss Julie,’ ‘Chuck Gordon,’ ‘The last Cord,’ and others.

Then after some time, she got the most meaningful accomplishment in her life, which was Brighton Beach Memoirs, directed by Neil Simon.

The gorgeous Diva, Rocky Parker, had acted in some other cinemas like ‘Can’t buy me love’ (1987), ‘Happy together’ (1989), and ‘In the mood’ (1897). She instructed in 75 televisions and different film sets alongside her acting profession. Rocky trained many famous actors like Brad Garett, Kelly Preston, Joan Chen, Heather Thomas, etc.

Patrick Dempsey and Rocky Parker

Patrick Dempsey and Rocky Parker (Sorce: Getty Images)

Parker’s dating and marriage life

Rocky had a very complex love life. Parker got engaged three times in her life and got heartbroken every time. On 1958 August 21, she got married for the 1st time to Sheldon Leonard Stein and divorced him just after six years in 1964. She had a child, David Alan(1959), with her first husband.

After separating from Sheldon, Rocky got married to John Hass. The marriage between John and Parker couldn’t succeed because the partnership’s joy wasn’t for her. Sadly, Parker became a widow as John died in 1968.

After a gap after her husband’s death, Rocky dated Nick Ferri in 1979. The connection between Nick and Rocky came to an end before converting into the wedding.

After all these relations and heart broke, Parker then dated and married a guy who was 27 years younger than her. Rocky caught Patrick Dempsey in 1984 when she was forty-five and Dempsey was 18 years old. They meet in a play where both of them co-acted with each other. After spending a lot of time together, they started falling in love with each other.

They were in a relationship for three years and decided to marry on August 24, 1987. Their marriage was kept underground for more than two years because of the age gap. Mr. and Mrs. Dempsey were a joyful couple supporting and caring for each other.

Patrick’s career puffed off in a good way after the news of their relationship got public. The marital relationship lasted for nearly seven years until Patrick filed for separation. Their divorce was quite a scandal, and in 1994, the conflict and marriage finally ended legally. The connection with Patrick was the last relationship with Parker, as she had her last breath after a few years.

Rocky’s Children:

Rocky Parker had three children from three different men. At nineteen, she was in labor giving birth to David Alan, her first child, with her 1st husband, Sheldon Leonard.

David couldn’t have a polite childhood as his mother and father were divorced. Again in 1964, she gave birth to Corey Parker as a symbol of love with Josh Hass, her 2nd husband. Rocky’s youngest child, Noelle Parker, stepped into this world to represent an affair with her boyfriend, Nick Ferri, in 1976. Parker didn’t have any child with her last husband, Patrick Dempsey.

Networth and Income

The major source of revenue for Parker was acting. She had a very successful acting occupation. She also used to coach on different television and movie sets. Her net income was between $200,000 – $300,000.

Social Media

Although a well-known American Lady, Rocky Parker was never that active in social media. Parker didn’t have any shorts of social handle. She used to be away from all the social life trials and live her life solving her glitches.

Divorce with Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey & Rocky Parker

Rocky Parker with her husband, Patrick Dempsey

The process of separation between Parker and Patrick Dempsey was quite interesting. The argument on divorce was a long run. Rocky blamed Patrick for physical and mental harm. She alleged him of physically torched her on a ‘Can’t Buy Me, Love’ movie set. Yet, he denies all the allegations. After failing to submit the evidence against Patrick, Parker took back her accusations in 2006.

Rocky Parker’s cause of death

The pretty American diva, Rocky parker, died on April 19, 2014, resulting to Lung Cancer. Parker had a bad habit of cigarettes since the age of eighteen. Her smoking habit resulted in lung sickness. Parker was a fantastic person who was highly talented, but she suffered because of her lousy smoking habits.

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