Who is Robert Rusler?

Robert Rusler is an American actor and a screen entertainer. Robert has played roles in almost all kinds of movies and series, including horror, comedy, thriller, and action. One can indeed say Robert has impressive acting skills, which gave him an opportunity to establish his career.

Robert Rusler‘s life journey has been pretty straightforward. One can notice that Robert mastered most of his hobbies, including snowboarding and surfing. Most of Robert’s hobbies include fun activities and outdoor adventure. Robert has many skills other than acting.

Over the years, he has clearly gained popularity and established a good professional career. Most of the activities Robert takes part in are sports the young generations are usually interested in.

Currently, Robert is married and has children. He is an amazing father and a good husband. He clearly keeps a boundary between his professional and personal life, which is the reason behind his long, happy family relations.

Birth and Childhood of Robert Rusler

Robert Rusler came into the world on September 20, 1965. His birth date gives him a Virgo zodiac sign. He was born in Indiana, USA. He passed most of his childhood in Indiana itself.

There is no such information about Robert’s educational qualification until now. However, Robert must have received an education that makes him a confident man. His parents’ names are Maria Elena Rusler and Richard C Rusler.

From a young age, Robert Rusler was into sports, especially the sports that involved water activities. Rusler was relatively young, when his parents decided to move to Los Angeles for a better future for the family. He spent most of his time surfing and snowboarding.

He also joined martial arts classes and took part in many competitions. After completing his higher-level education, he decided to give acting a sort. He started taking acting classes. He completed his acting course at Loft Studio.

Career of Robert Rusler

Robert’s family moved to Los Angeles at the time when Robert was still a tiny kid. Robert still was figuring out his career then. He has been into surfing for a long time, making him a professional surfer at the young age of twenty.

Robert Rusler got interested in acting after he completed his acting course. Eventually, Robert started looking for acting opportunities in both TV shows and films.

Robert Rusler finally made his debut in a comedy movie called weird science. He played the role of the character named Max. The film was quite successful at the box office. Robert hence gained attention in the industry.

The movie gave him recognition, and Robert started working for other shows and films as well. Only a few are aware of the fact that before playing a role in the movie weird science, Robert played a small part in a sitcom called the Facts of life.

Robert Rusler quickly switched into a horror movie immediately after performing in a comedy movie. The switch confirmed that Robert was really good with his acting skills and was a natural actor.

His first-ever horror movie was the second part of the movie called A Nightmare on Elm Street. This movie was an ice breaker in Robert’s career; he never had to look back after the movie.

Robert had an excellent athletic personality which would make anyone believe that Robert was an athlete. Shag and Thrashin became the movies in which Robert got roles for his looks.

Later, Robert performed in movies like the outsiders, Babylon 5, etc. These movies challenged the actor Robert had in him. Some other TV shows and movies Robert played a role in were Vamp, Airstrike, Light as Feather, The facts of life, Final Embrace, and many more.

It may seem that Robert’s journey in the entertainment industry was pretty easy and decent. However, there were times Robert struggled to find work and was ready to take part in minor roles.

Robert Rusler is a hardworking man. He never gave up on any of his passions. He nailed all the work he was involved in.

Looks and Hobbies

Rusler has a fit body and an incredible height of about 6 feet and 1 inch. He has mixed ethnicity. He looks very handsome and indeed justifies the look of an actor. He has light brown hair and dark brown colored eyes.


Robert Rusler started dating actress Erin Louise Jellison. Robert and Erin kept their relationship entirely private. They never publicly appeared together before marriage, nor did they mention one another in their respective interviews.

It was only after the couple’s marriage that the relationship was brought public. The couple privately exchanged vows in the presence of close family members and friends.

The fans and media got to know about the marriage later on. Robert Rusler and Eric are a beautiful couple and have been together for almost 20 years. It is infrequent for people to stick together for this long. Robert is indeed an amazing husband.


Robert and Eric together are parents to three adorable sons. Robert’s small family of five looks quite adorable. All three of his sons are pretty young and are still receiving their education.

His fans are indeed expected to see at least one of Robert’s sons follow their parents’ footsteps and make it to the industry. Robert often posts pictures along with his sons and wife. He is an excellent and fantastic father.

Social Media

Until now, one can indeed say that almost all hobbies and passions Robert is similar to that of a young teenager or not any less. Similarly, just like any other teen, Robert is quite active on social media apps.

He actively uses Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He mainly posts about his life updates on Instagram.

Net Worth of Robert Rusler

Robert Rusler works hard to make money. His primary source of it is through acting. Rusler has a stable and decent career, giving him and his family a good lifestyle.

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