Who is Rayna Tyson?

Introduction of  Rayna Tyson

Rayna Tyson

Rayna Tyson

Rayna Tyson is a name most people with interest in boxing and movies are familiar with. Rayna is famous in the entertainment industry, but most of the attention that she gets is from her father’s (Mike Tyson) fame.

Rayna’s parents have been a part of the controversy for a long time, bringing a lot of attention towards Rayna and her siblings. Even though Rayna is a celebrity kid, she has decided to independently make her career in the entertainment industry, far away from her father’s career.

Despite the fact that Rayna Tyson is quite young but still has gone through many ups and downs in her life; even though her father has been into a lot of controversies, Rayna has dealt with every situation cleverly.

People in the public and the media talk a lot about Rayna and her parents behind their backs, but no one would have the audacity to say those things to their faces because Rayna’s father (Mike Tyson) is a professional boxer who is known for his aggression.

Rayna with her father Mike Tyson and brother Amir

Rayna Tyson with her father, Mike Tyson, and brother Amir Tyson (Source: Getty Images)

Quick bio of Rayna Tyson

Full Name Rayna Tyson
Date of Birth February 14, 1996
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Father Mike Tyson
Mother Monica Teresa Turner
Sibling Amir Tyson
Popular As Mike Tyson’s daughter
Current Relationship Status Single
Age 27 years (as of 2023)

Birth and Childhood

It is ironic, but Rayna Tyson, the daughter of a boxer with anger and aggression, was born on the day of love on Valentine’s Day. She came into the world on February 14, 1996. Rayna was born and brought up in Maryland, United States of America.

She is a believer in Christianity. She hence holds American citizenship. She has mixed ethnicity. Rayna has an air sign called Aquarius. She received almost all of her education in the US itself.
However, there is no information about her study qualification and significant subjects. However, it is inevitable that Rayna is educated and must have completed her graduation as of 2022.

Despite the fact that Rayna Tyson’s parents have a lot of issues and arguments with each other, they made sure that their daughter was raised in a healthy environment. Rayna has a brother by the name of Amir Tyson, who is her sibling. Rayna has spent most of her childhood with her brother Amir.

Rayna Tyson's brother Amir Tyson

Rayna Tyson’s brother Amir Tyson

Career of Rayna

Rayna Tyson had a passion for becoming a movie star from a young age. She has wanted to work in the entertainment industry since her childhood. Rayna has worked as a crew in many movies and remained behind the screen.

She has been in a number of films and shows that air on television. Some of her works include the death and life of Marsha and Joker, and she has many more to go.

Rayna has mastered filmmaking and develops short films and web series with colleagues. Rayna interned at the studio in 2017 while at the school level.


Rayna is the daughter of her famous father, Mike Tyson, and her mother, Monica Turner. By profession, her father is a renowned professional boxer, and her mother used to work as a pediatrician. The reason behind Rayna’s popularity is her father, who has made a lot of records in his career as a boxer.

Rayna’s parents met each other for the first time at an event in New Jersey in the year 1990. The Couple connected to each other immediately. After that, the couple started dating.

The Couple’s love was totally open, and nothing was hidden from the media. However, the couple’s love story was not as easy as others. A pageant contestant accused Mike of molestation.

Mike was found guilty and hence sentenced to prison for a period of six years. This would have been an end to the couple’s love story, but Monica was indeed in love with Mike. The accusation did not matter to her as she believed that Mike was not guilty and the charge was all fake.

Mike Tyson with his three kids

Mike Tyson with his three kids

Monica made efforts to meet Mike when the jail allowed her. Monica stayed loyal to Mike despite the distance and did not give up on the relationship. Finally, the Couple passed the problematic six years of their life, and Mike was officially released from jail in the year 1995.

The couple was still dating each other until then. The Couple welcomed their very first child in the year 1996. Rayna Tyson hence became the couple’s first daughter together. However, until then, Rayna’s parents were not legally married.

In Early 1997, that is one year after Rayna’s birth, the couple officially married each other. Their wedding was a simple yet elegant event. In the same year, the couple became parents to their second child Amir.

It may seem that the Couple’s story was now a happily married one, but that was not the case. Mike was again sentenced to jail for creating violence and attacking two motorists.

 Rayna Tyson parents Mike Tyson and Monica Turner

Rayna Tyson’s parents Mike Tyson and Monica Turner

Parents’ Divorce

Even though the couple stayed together for years through all the problems and difficult situations, the Couple’s story ended with a divorce. Rayna’s mother filed for this divorce as she found Mike cheating on her.

Monica Teresa Turner was a mother to two children with Mike and could not bear the pain of Mike cheating on her. Rayna’s mother immediately filed a divorce. Unfortunately, this Couple, who could have been an inspiration to many in love, ended their story with an ugly divorce in the year 2002.

Current Situation

After the separation of Rayna’s parents, the children’s mother, Monica, was awarded primary physical custody of Rayna and her brother, Amir. After the couple divorced, Monica was given the house in Bethesda, where they had been living together prior to the split.

It was the same mansion in which Rayna had spent most of her childhood. This mansion was worth four million back then. Today Rayna’s mother owns a house worth USD 9.8 million.
Even though Rayna’s parents split up and are no longer together, Rayna maintains good relations with her mother and father. She is often seen with her father on social media pictures and at public events.

Rayna Tyson is also very close to her half-siblings and stepmother, as Mike married other women after his send divorce from Monica.

Social Media and Net Worth

Rayna Tyson currently stays away from the world of social media, which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Unlike her sibling and most of her half-siblings, who are pretty active on social media, Rayna keeps her private life.

However, in the long run, when Rayna Tyson becomes a successful artist in the entertainment industry, she may post more frequently about her updates.

Since Rayna Tyson is still in the initial days of setting up a stable career and most of her information remains hidden, it is quite impossible to calculate her current net worth.

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