Helen Reddy’s ex-husband Milton Ruth bio, net worth, age, death and news

Introduction of Milton Ruth

Milton Ruth is a famous Drummer and also well-known as the third husband of a professional singer, actress, writer named Helen Reddy from Australia. He is renowned for his talent in playing the drum. Milton Ruth was an ordinary man until he met Helen Reddy and decided to marry her.

Drummer Milton Ruth

Milton Ruth

Before getting married, Milton was in a relationship with Helen. Later they decided to marry each other and changed their love life relationship into husband and wife. They married in June 1983. They both lived their happy lives as husband and wife, but they didn’t have a child. However, the bond did not go along as they ended the marriage life and separated. The cause for divorce is not so clear yet.

Milton was born in the USA and holds American citizenship. He is from a white ethnic and belongs to the Christianity religion. The information related to his parents and siblings is not yet revealed. Milton Ruth is an educated person who ended his high school schooling with good grades. Later, he becomes a professional Drummer. According to resources, playing the drum was his only source of earnings.

Quick Bio of Milton Ruth

Full Name Milton Ruth
Date of Birth N/A
Birth Place USA
Gender Male
Age 82 (approx. as of 2023)
Wife Helen Reddy
Children No Child
Net Worth 1-3 million
Profession Drummer
Marital Status Divorced (Helen Reddy)
Nationality Australian
Religion Christianity

Milton Ruth’s birth and parents

Milton was born and bought up in the USA and had an ordinary childhood. He is from a white ethnic family, and he belongs to the Christianity religion. As he is from America, he holds the citizenship of America.

Milton is a well-educated drummer who passed his higher education with good grades in the university. Milton’s parent’s identity is not revealed yet, so their identities are unknown.

Milton Ruth’s ex-wife Helen Reddy

Helen Reddy was a famous Australian and an American singer, actress, and songwriter. She began her career as a singer/actress.

She had a beautiful body with professional family background, and she was a millionaire. Milton and Helen fell in love with each other during their career. Later they decided to change their long-term relationship into marriage. In June 1983, they changed their long-term connection into marriage.

Milton Ruth and his ex-wife Helen Reddy

Milton Ruth and his ex-wife Helen Reddy

Milton and Helen were living happily after their marriage. They don’t have any children. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last long. Milton and Helen, the beautiful couple divorced after the marriage of 12 years in 1995. Milton and Helen had no child before separating and getting divorced.


The couple has no child even after the marriage of 12 years, and later after 12 years of their marriage, they decided to separate and get divorced in the year 1995. After the marriage, they started living in their way.

Milton Ruth’s Age/Height/Weight/Body Measurements

Milton is alive and living his life happily and healthy. He is 80 years old and physically and mentally fit. Milton has a decent height with proper body weight, and he is taller than his wife. His wife’s height was 5 feet 3 inches which is 1.6 meters.

Milton Ruth’s Net Worth

Milton Ruth has earned a decent net worth as a drummer in his late wife’s prominent band, working as a lead. Milton doesn’t have any other source of income. He is an ordinary man. However, Helen has a net worth of $3 million which she earned as a professional activist, author, songwriter, and singer. This net worth includes all the properties and acquisitions that she gained during her career.

Divorce with his ex-wife Helen Reddy

Even though the starting days of the couple’s story were wonderful and romantic, the later days of the marriage life were unfortunate for both.

Even after that, the couple was in a long-term relationship, and later that they decide to change their relationship into marriage. After their marriage, they lived happily, but they divorced after 12 years of their marriage because of some reason. They don’t have any children during their marriage life. The reason for the divorce between them is not yet clear.

Helen Reddy’s ex-husbands

Milton’s wife Helen already had two husbands before she married Milton Ruth as he is Helen’s third husband. Her first husband’s name is Kenneth Weate, and she was just 20 years when she did her first marriage.

Kenneth Weate was a musician and a close family friend, so later, they changed their family friends in a relationship. Kenneth died on April 11, 1970, at the age of 41-42 in Australia.

Her second husband’s name is Jeff Wald, a well-known face of William Morris Agency, where he worked as the firm’s agency. On November 12, 2021, he died in Los Angeles, United States.

Death of Helen Reddy (Ex-wife)

After the divorce of Helen from Milton, she finally moved out of the relation. She started to live her life alone. Milton was the third and last husband of Helen. However, in 1995 the couple separated and started living their way.

Helen, the ex-wife of Milton Ruth, died on September 29, 2020, in Los Angles. Last year, she had Addison’s disease and dementia, but the reality of her death is yet not shared.
Helen, unfortunately, passed at the age of 78 years in Los Angeles.

Helen Reddy

Helen Reddy died at the age of 78

Interesting facts about Milton’s ex-wife Helen Reddy

Helen was born in a business family in Melbourne and started her career as an entertainer when she was four. She sang on radio/TV and won a talent competition on the TV program.

Furthermore, she was born during World War II, and her father was a sergeant of the military army in Australia. In 1970, she helped many democratic politics by donating millions of dollars. Finally, In 2021, Helen, the professional actor, said goodbye to this beautiful world in Los Angeles.

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