Famous American photographer Kim Vitar’s bio, net worth, husband, and career

Who is  Kim Vitar?

Kim Vitar or Mrs. Vitar’s birth name is Kimberly Allen. Mrs. Vitar is a former actor’s wife who has now changed his profession. Mrs. Vitar is a part-time professional photographer who has amazing moment-capturing skills.

Kim’s creative career path may lead to a thought of her not being a graduate, but Kim has a university degree. She has a small family of 5, which consists of her husband, Mike Vitar, and three kids. She is the proud mother of two sons and an infant daughter.

Kim Vitar and her kids

Kim Vitar and her kids

Kim Vitar has a great relationship with her husband, and the couple is still together as of 2022. Their fans adore their bond, and the family is an ideal one.

Kim’s life is ordinary and hence mostly revolves around her career and family. As of now, she certainly has not been part of any kind of controversy, unlike her husband, Mike.

Kim Vitar is a creative lady with a profession that she is passionate about, unlike many people in the world. Although she has kept her life and profession quite a secret, here are insights into her early life, profession, passion, current happening, close ones, and social media activities.

Quick overview of Kim Vitar

Full Name Kim Vitar
Date of Birth July 29, 1981
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Profession Photographer
Husband Mike Vitar
Children Eli, Wesley, and Noah
Net Worth 3 million dollars
Current Relationship Status Married
Popular as Mike Vitar’s wife
Age 42 as of 2023

Kim Vitar’s Birth and early life

Mrs. Vitar entered the world as Miss Allen on the twenty-ninth day of July in 1981. She is 42 years old as of 2023 and is a Leo according to her zodiac sign. It is no wonder she has managed to get famous.

Her birth city is California, the United States. She grew up in her birth city, and most of her childhood was spent in California itself. As Kim got famous only after her marriage, most of the information about her early life remains unknown.

Kim Vitar personally also likes to keep her early life private. she, however, must have had an amazing childhood, which one can assume from her personality today.

Kim Vitar

Kim Vitar


Kim Vitar is an educated woman. She went to two high schools situated in her home town San Jose, California. Their names are Valley Christian and Pioneer high school. She has also completed her graduation from a reputed state university.

Kim completed all of her schooling in her birth city of California. She did not move out for her education. The exact degree or her major subjects are unknown. She may or may not have done a major in photography.

Kim Vitar’s career as a photographer

Mrs. Vitar is a professional photographer. She is mainly inclined towards event photography, which involves clicking pictures and capturing special moments with family and friends.

These events include weddings, birthdays, formal events, etc. Kim loves capturing moment’s different families, which they can cherish forever. Apart from the fact that Kim is a professional event photographer, she is also passionate about nature photography, which is one of her hobbies. Overall, Kim is very good at her profession, and it surely makes her a lot of money.

Husband and Kids

The reason behind Mrs. Kim Vitar’s popularity is her husband, Mr. Michael Anthony Vitar. Michael is famous as Mike. He used to be an actor but is now a firefighter.

Mike and Kim started dating years before their wedding in the year 2006. Kim’s husband was a popular TV actor. In fact, he made his debut in acting when he was just 12 years old.

However, the actor chose to leave his career as an actor and become a firefighter after the year 1997. The couple together has three kids.

Kim Vitar and Mike Viter with their kid

Kim Vitar and Mike Viter with their kid

Their sons’ names are Eli and Wesley. Their firstborn was born in 2007. After two years, that is, in 2009, their second son was born. Their daughter’s name is Noah born in 2013, and is the couple’s third born.

Kim Vitar is an amazing mom, and despite her demanding career, she homeschools her three children. This shows the fact that she is quite responsible as a mother and takes her time out to teach her children.

The family lives happily together, and the couple has officially been together for about 16 years as of 2022. The family is currently settled in Los Angeles.

News and Controversy

Kim Vitar has not been a part of any kind of news as of now, but Mr. Vitar has for both good and bad. Mike made his way into the news headlines when he saved one of his coworkers during their rescue mission. This act of Kim’s husband was appreciated, and hence he was honored.

However, in the year 2015, Mike was sentenced to jail for beating and nabbing an innocent student during the Halloween season.

Mr. Vitar was suspicious about the student distributing chocolates that contained drugs. Without any evidence, he and his colleague hit the innocent child, which made him unconscious and seriously injured him.

He, therefore, had to pay a large amount of money for his bail. Moreover, Mike was suspended from his work for almost half a year. He also had to take anger management classes to continue working as a firefighter.

This incident brought a lot of negative limelight to the couple’s life. The fact that Mike used to be a public figure in his early days brought a lot of media and public attention to his case.

Kim Vitar’s Social Media

Kim Vitar is an active Instagram user. She has a public account named @kymvitarphotography, where she likes to reveal her work.

She often posts her client’s special photographs, like childbirth, weddings, and family pictures. She also puts pictures of landscapes, plants, and flowers, which she clicks by herself. She is quite active on this platform.

Kim Vitar's family

Kim Vitar’s family

Networth of Kim Vitar

Kim’s net worth is estimated to be around three million dollars. Her main source of income is photography. With a good income, Kim, together with Mike, is able to provide their children with a happy and comfortable life.

Overall, it can be said that she is a perfect wife to her husband and a responsible mother to her children.

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