Fitness trainer Jazzy Distefano’s bio, net worth, husband, child, and career

Introduction of Jazzy Distefano

Jazzy Distefano is a strong inspirational woman. She had played a significant role in inspiring both women and men in fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Jazzy or Jazz is a trainer; she conducts strength workout sessions, group fitness classes, and Zumba dance fitness.

Jazzy Distefano had a passion for fitness from a young age. She was pretty athletic as a child and participated in various sports programs back in her school days. During college, she spent her time maintaining a good, fit body as well as taking classes and studying.

Jazzy is currently married and has two children. She has a small healthy family of four and lives a good lifestyle. She majorly earns money by conducting workout and fitness classes as well as she works as a personal trainer. Despite being in her late thirties and a mother of three young children, Jazzy clearly maintains a good figure and weight.

Jazzy Distefano

Jazzy Distefano

Quick Bio of Jazzy Distefano

Full Name Jazzy Distefano
Date of Birth 27 April 1984
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York, the US
Nationality American
Profession Fitness Trainer
Husband Chris Distefano
Children 3
Net Worth Unknown
Current Relationship Status Married
Age 39

Jazzy Distefano’s Birth and Childhood

Jazzy Distefano was born on 27 April 1984, and she belongs to a family of non-celebrities. She had an ordinary childhood. Jazzy originally belongs to Brooklyn in New York, US. Jazzy is an American and has white ethnicity. Her parent’s names are Edwin Canuelas and Liz Canuelas.

She was raised in a well-to-do family. She lived with her parents and her sister named Jessica Canuelas. Jazzy received most of her education from her hometown itself. Growing up, Jazzy did not move to different cities in order to receive an education.

Jazzy Distefano had a passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle from an early age. She used to participate in various games and sports programs during her school days. Jazzy completed her higher education keeping her passion for fitness side by side.

Jazzy Distefano’s Husband Chris Distefano

Jazzy Distefano is married to a famous comedian Chris Distefano. Chris is a popular comedian who has done multiple comedy TV shows back in the past. He started his career by performing small funny skits and acts in nightclubs. Chris had a lot of failed relationships before marrying Jazzy. On his career settling days, Chris dealt with break-up traumas that made him depressed. However, later when Chris met Jazzy, Jazzy helped Chris to get out of his depression.

Jazzy Distefano and her husband Chris Distefano

Jazzy Distefano and her husband Chris Distefano

The couple did not spend much time dating and soon got married. Chris Distefano was well settled and had a promising stable career in comedy during his marriage time. Chris very well accepted Jazzy, who had a son back from her past relationship. The identity of her first son’s father remains unrevealed. The couple ignored all the negative comments regarding Jazzy’s first relationship and moved on with their life.

The couple tied a knot on 13 February 2015. In the same year, the couple announced having their first child together. As of now 2021, the couple seems to enjoy their small world together. They often post a picture of them together. Chris Distefano and Jazzy Distefano promote each other shows and new launches through their story on Instagram. Chris never fails to express how grateful he is to have two daughters, a son, and Jazzy in his life.


Jazzy has one son and two daughters, and the son is from her past relationship, whereas the daughters are Chris’s biological kids. Jazzy announced her first pregnancy just a few days after the couple knew they were expecting a child.

However, the announcement of their second child’s arrival was a total shock to all their followers. The couple announced their second pregnancy very late, almost very near to the due date. Jazzy posted a picture of her and Chris adoring Jazzy’s big baby bump.

After her second pregnancy, Jazzy got inspired to help mothers fight depression and lose weight post-pregnancy. Jazzy often expresses her gratefulness for being a mother. She only realized the problem mothers face after she had her second child. Jazzy Distefano herself faced this problem; that is when she got inspired to help others as well.


Jazzy Distefano made her passion for fitness her profession. She finally decided on being a fitness trainer. Her workout routines include both strength training as well as cardio. These training courses are available both personally and in group classes. She also runs Zumba classes which involve dancing for fitness. Most of her workout routines involve music and beats so as to keep the body moving.

She often posts about her workout routines and healthy food on her Instagram and YouTube channels. One can follow her training sessions through different videos available on YouTube. She also posts paid training sessions at a website called Patreon.

When Jazzy gave birth to her two children, she faced various problems. However, she did not let her body fat gain and depression stop her; she worked really hard to lose her post-pregnancy fat. Later, Jazzy realized that so many women in the world face insecurity and get depressed after giving birth to a child because of their post-pregnancy bodies.

Jazzy Distefano decided to help these mothers gain their confidence back by suggesting workouts that help in losing weight and lead to a fit body. This was when Jazzy gained a lot of popularity. Many of her exercises are designed especially for post-pregnancy fat reduction; one of them is Jazzymethod, a strength-based workout with music beats. Many mothers dealing with body image issues follow her. Jazzy is hence an inspiration and hope for many women out there.

Net Worth of Jazzy Distefano

It is not possible to predict Jazzy Distefano’s current net worth as she keeps her finances very private. However, her husband Chris has an estimated 2 to 3 million dollar USD net worth. Overall the couple has a lavishing life that they have earned after many years of hardship. Both Jazzy and Chris well deserve all their earnings. All three of their children have a lavishing life because their parents work really hard to make money.

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