Who is Jackie Steves? Her bio, relationship, father, mother, and family

Jackie Steves introduction

Jackie Steves is the beloved baby girl of prominent travel TV series host Rick Steves, best known for his fantastic travel writings and articles.

Jackie Steves took birth in the family of adventurers where her siblings run a travel company, while her mama is also a travel analyst. The 5.5 feet Jackie is also an explorer who likes to travel less explored areas. The footprint left by her dad is followed by Jackie, who travels to the new destination and post different travel blogs.

Jackie Steves

Jackie Steves

Quick bio of Jackie Steves

Full Name Jackie Steves
DOB Unknown
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession Teacher(Author´s Daughter)
Age 33
Height 5 ft 5 inch
Boyfriend Damian Conrad Davis
Father Ricky Steves
Net worth $600K

Early Life of Jackie Steves

Jackie got blessed by her mom and dad in the city of America. Her dad Rick Steves is the most loved travel writer, author, and TV presenter, while her mother’s name is Anne Steves.

Jackie is American by nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Her exact birth date is still secret; observing her pictures, one can assume she may be in mid 20. She did her university graduate from Colombia University.

Jackie Steves has a brother named Andy Steves, who started a travel company to fulfill his father’s dream of exploring new areas. The company’s name is ‘Weekend Student Adventures Europe, serving cost-effective holiday packages.

Jackie finished her schooling in Lakeside High School, got her bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University with significant English subjects, and attended Colombia University for Masters in Arts. Jackie is a school-level teacher at Notre Dame Academy as a primary professional and a passionate traveler. She had made a balanced schedule for teaching and traveling and may have a net worth of more than $600k in 2022.

About her Dad Ricky

One of the most loved TV personalities, author, traveler, and activist Rick Steven has his full name Richard John Steves Jr. The enthusiast Rick opened his eye for the first time on the 10th of May, 1955 in California.

Initially, he taught travel classes in The Experimental College, affiliated with the University of Washington. Later, from 1979, he started giving his time on writing a travel skill handbook, ‘Europe through Back Door, which successfully influenced people in his first attempt. After that, my passion for writing goes on a vast level.

Rick Steves

Rick Steves

Steves runs an independent trip. He writes the books and travel packages only in Europe and America. His Tv shows series Rick Steves’ Europe was the longest-running television show for traveling. He suggests his readers visit cozy villages away from popular tourist routes, which provide the satisfaction of the next level. Steve’s TV series inspired people and gave them extra confidence to explore rural villages.

He published books; Rick Steves’ Europe 101- History and Art for Travellers, RICK Steves Italy 2020, Rick Steves Travel and political Act, etc.

His style of writing was of the next level. He was the only travel author with lots of popularity all over America and Europe. He was the main factor for increasing the influence of tourism all over Australia, Europe, and America.

For every trekker and adventurer, his book was compulsory for estimating the plans for the tour. He didn’t stop winning heart; he has also worked on many TV shows like Travels in Europe with Rick Steve, and many others.

Believing different sources, Rick Steves is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million due to his immersed dedication and hardworking career.

Her Father-Mother Relationship

Jackie Steves’s parents first met each other at a restaurant in California in 1982. After two years of dating and knowing each other, they decided to tie up in a husband and wife relationship.

However, the couple chose to be apart in 2010 when Jackie was too young. The reason behind this colossal incident is still unknown. Later, Rick was in an affair with Shelley Bryan Wee while Anne stayed alone.

The relationship status of Jackie Steves

Jackie Steves was engaged to her long-term soulmate, Damian Conrad Davis, on the 16th of August 2019. The couple shared the news from their respective Instagram account.

Damian proposes her bowing knee and says, ” I never knew the world of happiness before I met you. Jackie, My body may be here, but all my soul is in you. I think I am the luckiest guy to be with you. Your behavior, attitude, simplicity made me fall on your love. I love you more than the universe! Jackie, Will you Marry Me? ” and Jackie said yes!

Jackie Steves and Damian Conrad Davis

Jackie Steves and Damian Conrad Davis

Davis is an enthusiast, documentary actor, producer, and designer. They started liking each other in 2017 and have been together since then. Their hobby, aim, behavior, attitude, lifestyle were similar, and it took no time to confirm that they got attached. The news about the marriage is yet not been revealed.

The love birds are planning for their marriage as fast as possible. However, the pair hasn’t publicly announced the plan of their wedding. Although they are not husband and wife, for now, they have already accepted them as life partners. The pair are seen while traveling to different adventurous places.

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