Who is Dorothy Jo Gideon? Her bio, career, husband, net worth, and cause of death

Introduction of Dorothy Jo Gideon

Dorothy Jo Gideon

Dorothy Jo Gideon

Dorothy Jo Gideon is the lucky woman famous for being the life partner of legendary American Television game organizer Bob Barker. Behind her husband’s fame, she was also a passionate singer and contestant in different reality gaming shows.

Excluding her passion for the entertainment field, she also worked as an activist for animal rights. Dorothy Jo Gideon and her husband appeared in reality shows made for each other couple. Because of her spouse, she got lots of opportunities in the entertainment industry.

A quick bio of Dorothy Jo Gideon

Full Name Dorothy Jo Gideon
DOB 25th Feb 1924
Birth Place Springfield, Us
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Animal Right Activist
Father Jack Oliver Gideon
Mother Dorothy L Evans Gideon
Husband Robert William Bob Barker
Husband’s Profession Tv show host
Age at the death 57 years (1981)

Dorothy Jo Gideon’s Birth & Profession

Dorothy opened her eye for the first time on the 25th of February 1924 in the American city of Springfield. God blessed her in a family of Jack Oliver Gideon and Dorothy L Evans Gideon, a white ethnic group.

She grew up and completed her high school education in Missouri. The activist lady was vegan and even never promoted wearing fur clothes.

Dorothy Jo Gideon was attached to the pet, so she made her career goal to work for animal rights. She was sensitive to pet animals and believed that nature had created everyone to live freely without harming others, reflecting her kind heart and composed soul.

The animal activist lady was against the brutality toward animals for human benefit. She was the mastermind behind organizing animal-friendly awareness shows. Her work animal rights activist was admired by many people in Us, including her husband, who helped her a lot.

Dorothy Jo Gideon and her husband Bob Barker

Dorothy Jo Gideon and her husband, Bob Barker

About Her Husband Bob Barker

Robert William Barker, by full name, was a legendary TV show anchor who was best known for hosting the popular show “The Price Is Right” for more than 35 years.

His show is the longest (35 years) running game show in USA Television history. He also played a significant role in her wife s career as an animal rights activist helping in her initiatives. He was vegetarian for over three decades especially for her.

His ability to anchor and his capacity to deal with circumstance outset is admired by millions of people. With more than 55 years of expertise, he is the most experienced host in the United States. Also, this legendary figure organized “Truth of Consequences” during the years of 1956 and 1975.

Without struggle, hard work, and dedication, a long career is never possible. Bob started building a career from an early age when he was a college student, as his first job was at KTTS-FM Radio. He always believed that there were no shortcuts on the ladder of life and wanted to face all the struggling phases, making him a perfect program host.

Dorothy Jo Gideon and her husband Bob Barker

Dorothy Jo Gideon and her husband, Bob Barker

He also experimented with himself as a news editor, announcer, and radio program host, which was the primary reason for his promotion in his hosting career. His delivering style and voice accent were listened to and loved by millions of American people in his time.

He was honored with many prestigious awards for his exceptional achievements, including “Greatest Game show host of all time, Lifetime Achievement Award, GsN Lifetime Achievement Award, Television Hall of Fame, Daytime Emmy Award, WWE Slammy Award for the Best Guest Host, etc. The legendary TV host also published his autobiography on the 6th of April 2009, where he wrote his story of love, struggle, and commitment.

Family Relations

The love story of the lovebirds was just incredible. Barker and Dorothy started dating each other when they were just 15 years old. The lovely couple had their first date at the ELLA Fitzgerald concert in Missouri.

They were love birds at an early age, and their relationship became stronger and stronger with time. Dorothy was the woman who always stood with Bob in his hard times. After years of dating and months of knowing, the pair finally formally married on the 12th of January, 1945.

At the time of their marriage, he was in his peak years of success. After being husband and wife, the lovebirds lived together for 36 years, bonding a solid relationship. Although their love was beyond imagination, they did not have any children.

The loving pair was satisfied with what they had achieved. The association was such lovely that due to the influence of Dorothy, Bob decided to be a vegetarian. Bob helped her career as a rights activist for animals. The pair also launched many awareness initiatives to stop brutality against animals for human benefit. Later, Barker founded the DJ&T foundation, named after his wife and mother, which contributed millions of dollars to the animal neutering program.

Death of Dorothy Jo Gideon

The life of Bob and Dorothy was going well. There is a saying, “That thing always happens with is written in your destiny,” which happened in their life.

They both lived their lives with all the wishes they promised until she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Dorothy Jo Gideon died at 57 in Los Angeles, California, the USA, in six months. The thunderstorm of death came and parted them. When the time comes, the couple witnesses every point of life. Her burial place is located in Forest Lawn, Los Angeles, Us.

Bob Barker visiting his wifeDorothy Jo Gideon’s grave

Bob Barker visits his wife Dorothy Jo Gideon’s grave.

One thing in Bob s family always lacked is their offspring. In 36 years of marriage, they didn’t have any children. They lived their life spending time with pets and fighting for the existence of animals. She never gave birth to any children, but she gave life to millions of animals, showing her love for nature.

Bob, after the Death of Dorothy

After the demise of his wife, Dorothy Jo Gideon, he made himself live alone. The kind of passion he had when Dorothy was alive was no more. Bob took retirement from his professional career on the 31st of October 2006.

After the demise of his wife, he opened DJ&T Foundation to remember his wife and mother. He also wrote an autobiography published on the 6th of April 2009, including all the hard work, dedication, and love life he experienced. The autobiography states his 50 years of television hosting experience, which is the source of motivation for millions of followers.

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