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Introduction of Jill Diven

Jill Diven is a non-celebrity. The lady is like any other ordinary person; she gained the media’s attention when she married Brad Garrett, who is a famous actor and comedian. Jill Driven was born and brought up in the United States. She is of American nationality and is of mixed ethnicity.

Jill Diven is no longer related to her ex-husband Brand and lives a life out of the media and the entertainment industry. She is a mother of two children, and her ex-husband Brad Garrett is equally responsible for the couple’s kids from their marriage.

Many people were only interested in knowing the life history and Jill’s past life when Jill married Garrett. He has a good personality and a good sense of humor, of course, because he is an actor and comedian. Any girl could be easily attracted to Garrett for the qualities he possesses. The reason behind the couple splitting up is unknown and not brought in front of the public.

Jill Diven's Family

Jill Diven with his ex-husband Brad Garrett and Children Maxwell Bradley Garrett and Hope Violet Garrett

Quick bio of Jill Diven

Full Name Jill Diven
Date of Birth Around 1964
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Profession Waitress (in early days)
Ex-Husband Brad Garrett
Children Max, Hope
Net Worth Not Known
Current Relationship Status Single-mother
Age 59

Childhood and Birth of Jill Diven

Jill Diven’s exact date of birth remains unknown, but she reportedly was born around the year 1964. On calculation as of 2021, Jill’s age nearly could be 57 years old. Jill was born somewhere in the United States and hence had an American nationality. She is of mixed ethnicity. There is not much information about Jill’s childhood and educational qualifications as she was an ordinary person and not a public figure before her marriage.

Jill’s Marriage with Brad Garrett

Jill Diven was like any ordinary girl before she met Garrett. The couple met at a bar in Las Vegas where Jill used to work hard as a waitress and cocktail server. Garrett had an alcohol addiction during their meet; hence, he was in rehabilitation to get rid of his addiction. When the couple met, Garrett had already completed six months in the rehabilitation course.

Jill and Garrett quickly connected after their first meet. They both soon started dating and got into a relationship. Just two months later, the couple decided to move in together in Garrett’s place at Hollywood Hill.

In one of Garrett’s books from 2015, he mentioned that Garrett worked a lot on his relationship with Jill so as to make their live-in-relationship stable.

The couple often felt alone and depressed despite being together (Garrett mentioned in his book). After about three or four months of moving together, the couple found that Jill Diven was pregnant. As soon as pregnancy news hit Garrett, he decided to tie a knot with Jill and finally make it official.

Garrett publicly confessed his love in 1998 at the shooting set of Everybody Loves Raymond (a project on which Garrett was working). The couple saw their future with one another and hence got married in 1999. Jill gave birth to two children, one son and a daughter named Maxwell Bradley Garrett and Hope Violet Garrett.

Jill’s ex-husband Brad Garrett

Jill’s ex-husband Garrett is an incredible actor as well as a comedian. Garrett was a comedian back in his days. This was how he started his career in the entertainment industry. In a game show, Garrett became a winner as a comedian. Winning this show called Star Search, he gained a lot of popularity and a lift up in his career.

He later worked as a voice-over artist and gave his voice to iconic characters like Bloat in an animated movie called Finding Nemo and many others. He also worked in a comedy series called Everybody that Loves.

Divorce with Brad Garrett

After seven years of getting married, the couple decided to separate their paths and get divorced. Garrett, in his book, mentioned that the couple started facing disputes and problems after their fourth year of marriage. He mentioned that both of them (Garrett and Jill) were correct in their own ways; it was just that they did not belong together.

Garrett wanted to be a good dad. Garrett had seen his mother and father get apart back in his childhood, which gave him a lot of pain. Garrett was now in the same boat, and he had a tough time telling his kids that their parents were now getting divorced.

Both Jill and Garrett got custody of the children. Garrett monthly pays a sum of money to support his children. Reportedly, Garrett gave Jill almost half of the profit Garrett made from his work in Everybody Loves Raymond.

Jill’s children current relationship with their father

Even though Jill and Garrett split up, Garrett still maintains a healthy relationship with his children, Max and Hope. Garrett often posts pictures with his children on social media.

Garrett now has a girlfriend with who he got engaged recently. She is almost 20 years younger than him. In one of the latest pictures of Garrett, he is posing with his two children from Jill and his current fiancé. This indicates a happy and healthy relationship Garrett has built with his kids.

Even though Garrett could not prove to be a good husband to his ex-wife, he is undoubtedly a responsible and caring father.

Social Media

Since Jill Diven is a non-celebrity, she does not have a public social media account. After the divorce from Garrett, Jill did not make a public appearance on social media. She has kept her life private and away from the press.

Current Relationship Status

Currently, there is no news of Jill Diven dating anyone. She is a happy single mother of two children from her first marriage. She lives her life privately along with her children who live with her.


Back in the day, she was a waitress in Las Vegas. However, after many years, there is no information about her career and profession.

Net Worth of Jill Diven

Since there is no information about Jill’s profession and current work status, it gets almost impossible to determine her net worth.

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