Who is Brad Beckerman? His bio, news, age, net worth, wife and kids

Introduction of American Entrepreneur, Brad Beckerman

Brad Beckerman is an American inhabitant born on January 1, 1966. The identity of Brad’s parents is not disclosed yet. From the University of Florida, USA, he completed his Bachelor of Science in marketing. Beckerman holds a successful career, and he is the CEO and also the founder of America’s excessive booze company, Sill House Spirits. He married Chase Leigh Beckerman, but unfortunately, the bond didn’t get it happily ever after. Brad has two amazing kids with his ex-wife Chase.

Brad Beckerman & Paula Abdul

Brad Beckerman & Paula Abdul

Quick bio of Brad Beckerman

Name Brad Beckerman
Date of birth January 1, 1966
Profession Entrepreneur
Country United States of America
Ethnicity White
Gender Male
Number of Children Two (Willis Beckerman – 2011) & (Sage Beckerman – 2013)
Number of relationships Two (Paula Abdul & Chase Leigh Beckerman)
Current Marital Status Single
Wife Paula Abdul (1996-1997) and Chase Leigh Beckerman (2010)
Religion Christian
Education Level Bachelor of Science in Marketing, University of Florida

Brad Beckerman’s career and background

Brad started his job in 1966. After graduating from the university, he started working as the GM (general manager) of Starter Sportswear, an internationally approved sports company. Working under someone was not suitable for Brad, and hence he left his work after six months of experience.

Brad Beckerman decided to start something of his own and begin his own entertainment-selling company named TRUNK limited in 2003. Brad run his company for four years till 2007.

In 2007, Brad Beckerman was titled president of merchandising for Live Nation Entertainment, which is a global entertainment corporation. In about a year, he started IT, a prominent brand corporation specializing in a 360-degree technique that incorporates identity creation and design. And Brad Beckerman also became chief of the firm creative officer.

After one year of the successful IT company, he established another liquor business named “Stillhouse Spirits Company.” Brad is a successful entrepreneur of the United States of America, making a lot of revenue and exclusive goodwill.

Brad Beckerman

Brad Beckerman

What’s the Net Worth of Brad Beckerman

Being an entrepreneur, Brad earns a good amount of revenue. Brad’s net income is two million dollars, and he is the CEO of a pretty high-paying liquor firm. Beckerman has reached a significant sum of wealth, name, and popularity.

Beckerman’s love life

Bard Beckerman was married to a successful woman Paula Abdul, who is an all-rounder in her career. Paula and Bard met on a blind date, and they dated for a year before marrying.

On October 24, 1996, they got married at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel situated in Los Angeles, California. The couple had a good time with each other at the beginning, but the sweet relationship couldn’t last more than 17 months.

In 1997, Brad and Paula legally got divorced. Brad continued to be single after his separation from Paula. Again in September 2010, Brad shared his vows with Chase Leigh Beckerman. The bond between Chase and Brad was going well until there was some marital issue. Chase blamed brad for domestic violence. She explained how brad choked her against the wall and threatened her life.

And the judge pressed Brad to stay away from Chase and resign custody of their children. The separation of Brad and Chase isn’t made public yet. However, Brad focused on his career after the incident and earned lots of fame and wealth. The question of if he is still single yet has arisen a lot, but no one has found any answers.

Know about Brad Beckerman’s Ex-wife Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul is an American diva who is exceptionally talented. She is multi-talented and known as an actor, dancer, singer, and choreographer as well. On June 19, 1962, Paula was born in San Fernando, California, USA. Paula started her profession by composing a music video called ‘Torture.’ Correspondingly, Abdul choreographed their “Victory” tour.

She was also picked to choreograph the giant keyboard scene linking Tom Hanks’s personality in the 1988 film “Big.” She started her investments to record a singing demo and later contracted to Virgin Records in 1987.

Moreover, Paula also choreographed “The Doors,” “American Beauty,” “Coming to America,” “Can’t Buy Me, Love,” and “The Doors.”

Fortunately, Abdul also received Academy Awards. In 2002, she got a show, “American Idol,” as the judge on the Fox reality competition. Paula earns enough to live her luxurious life. Her net income is nearly $5 million.

Before marrying Brad Beckerman, Paula Abdul married an American actor, Emilio Estevez. Emilio and Paula were together for a couple of years until they misunderstood having children.

Paula Abdul wanted to chase her profession and did not famine to be a mother, but Emilio wanted to start a family and have kids, which was the main reason for their separation. Paula Abdul and Emilio Estevez officially got divorced in the year 1994.

Then, in 1996, Paula got married to Brad Beckerman. Abdul and Beckerman also got married in traditional Muslim ways. But unfortunately, marriage success was not for Paula too. Paula and Brad separated after 18 months of the relationship. Even though they are divorced, they share good friends yet.

Paula Abdul’s first marriage with Emilio Estevez

Paula is the ex-wife of Brad Beckerman; her first spouse’s name is Emilio Estevez. He is a professional American actor, and she married him in 1992. Paula married five years junior Emilio as Paula was 35 years old at that time.

The couple met for the first time in 1990. After the global tour, they visited after every few weekends. Even after this, the couple separated because of some misunderstandings over having children. She has thought that she has to quit her job to have a child. They divorced for such reason, and after that, they started living in their way in 1994.

Kids of Brad Beckerman and Chase Leigh Beckerman

Chase Leigh, who is Brad’s second wife, is the mother of his two beautiful children. In 2011, they welcomed a child into the world and gave him the name Willis Beckerman.

After two years, Chase gave birth to their beautiful daughter, Sage Beckerman. They both loved their children a lot and were idol parents to them until things got a little slippery.

Brad and Chase Leigh Beckerman

Brad Beckerman and Chase Leigh Beckerman

The couple had some marital issues, but it was not public until Chase decided to file a restriction. She said, “Brad threatened to murder her.” She also stated, “He snatched me by the neck and choked me against the wall in the bathroom.”

After hearing the accusation, the Department of Children and Family had a severe look at the case. The judge demanded Brad stay away from his wife and their kids in the court hearing. There is no information about the children’s custody or the divorce. However, the changes have not disturbed Brad Beckerman from success in his career.

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