Chris Tucker’s wife Azja Pryor bio, career, net worth, relationship, and current husband

Introduction of Azja Pryor

Azja Pryor

Azja Pryor

Azja Pryor is a woman whose life has been like that of a roller coaster. She has seen both the lives of a celebrity and a non-celebrity. She can clearly explain the feeling of being famous overnight and then losing fame gradually. Azja Pryor was an ordinary woman with a stable minor career and good education. Most of her life revolved around her family and worked like that of any typical individual.

However, once Azja started dating a celebrity, her life changed. She got a space in newspaper articles and the attention of the media. She married one of the most famous and high-paid actors and comedians of those times, Mr. Chris Tucker.

Yes, Azja dated Tucker for a long time and got married to him after a long dating period. However, the couple has now split their paths and live life away from one another. Azja got back into her ordinary life away from media and news headlines.

Quick Bio of Azja Pryor

Full Name Azja Pryor
Date of Birth 1978, August 28
Birth Place California
Nationality American
Profession Health Coach
Ex-Husband Chris Tucker
Children Two
Net Worth 5-10 lakh USD
Current Relationship Status Married (Cherif A Ndiaye)
Age 45 years

Azja Pryor’s Birth and Childhood

Azja Pryor came into the world on 1978 August 28. She was born and brought up in Berkeley, California, US. Azja spent a wonderful childhood with her parents and sibling. She is the daughter of Mrs. Deborah Pryor. There is not much information available about her father.

Azja liked going to school, unlike other kids. She received her primary education from Hamilton High School, which is located in Los Angeles, California.

She then decided to receive her higher education from Los Angeles itself. She got her degree from the LA community college. There is no exact information about her significant high school and college subjects. Overall, Azja Pryor had a pretty ordinary life like that any other child.

Azja Pryor’s Career

Azja has a good figure and a well-maintained body until now. From an early age, Azja saw her potential in fitness. She hence started working as a fitness coach, instructor, and dietician after her graduation. She has never revealed her information about her past career and occupation clearly.

Also, because Azja Pryor gained popularity after marriage, there is no detail of her starting career struggles and earlier job placements. A few years before marrying Tucker, Azja was into the entertainment industry as an assistant casting director. This work of hers gave her a lot of recognition in the industry later after her marriage.

She assisted in directing about four to five movies before marrying Chris. People assumed that Azja was a famous and very experienced casting director during their marriage.

Marriage with Chris Tucker

A very important part of Azja’s life involved dating and marrying Chris, who has a big name in the entertainment industry. There is no detail of how and where the couple met, but as Azja was working as a casting director, they must have met each other on a set. Chris and Azja kept their relationship private even and did not spread any news of them dating.

They were caught with one other often for an extended period of time. It was finally in 1997; the couple decided to tie knots with each other. Just like that of their relationship, they had a private marriage ceremony that invited close family and friends.

Azja Pryor ex-husband Chris Tucker

Azja Pryor ex-husband Chris Tucker

After one year of their marriage, Azja gave birth to a son in 1998 on September 13. Their son’s name is Destin Christopher Tucker, who is 24 as of 2022. Despite having a child, the couple had misunderstandings, and after six years of their marriage, the couple filed a divorce in the year 2003.

Azja got custody of her son Destin. Reportedly, after two years of Azja’s divorce with Chris, she got into a relationship with Christopher Brian Bridges. However, their relationship did not convert into a marriage, and the couple separated their paths.

Current Relationship Status of Azja Pryor

As of 2023, Azja is married. She is married to Cherif A Ndiaye, who is a fitness trained and life coach. His profession and hobbies totally match that of Azja. Azja is currently settled and has a happy family. She now has a daughter from her current marriage with Cherif. She is also a stepmother to Cherif’s two children from his past relationship.

Azja Pryor currently works at CBSW as an educator. Overall, she is quite settled in her life and has a happy extended family. She often posts pictures with her family. Both her son and daughter share a good relationship with one another.

Azja Pryor with her husband Cherif ANdiaye

Azja Pryor with her current husband Cherif ANdiaye

Currently, her son is making his way into the entertainment industry. Destin Christopher Tucker is entirely inspired by his father. He was once seen on the red carpet along with his father, Chris. Destin is still a little nervous about making public appearances. He is pretty active on social media and often posts about his step-sister.

Social Media

Azja Pryor is an active social media user. Despite being the ex-wife of a celebrity, she flaunts her current life very well. Azja is active mainly on Facebook and Instagram. She often posts pictures of her well-maintained body and inspires others to a healthy lifestyle. Her posts revolve around her family, fitness, and friends. She has many fans and followers who are actually serious about her life updates. Azja also has a Twitter account, but she rarely tweets.

Net Worth of Azja Pryor

Azja used to earn a lot more back as a casting director than now as a fitness coach. Her current net worth is around 5-10 lakh USD, most of it coming from her work in the film industry. Never did Ajay give a reason to quit her career as a director. She may have wanted to disconnect from her past life and start a new one.

She also makes money through social media and sponsored posts. Azja’s son is now quite famous and does earn as well. Overall, she has raised a gentleman. Azja may or may not have a huge bank balance and property, but she has a good family and people who will help her out during her bad times.

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